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Progressives Test

this is a stak

How did the unit impact your life? Showed me how far we've progressed as a nation.
Initiative A process for putting a proposition or proposed law on a ballot
17th Amendment Provided for the direct election of senators rather than their selection by state legislatures
Recall A process that gave voters the power to remove elected officials from office through petition and a vote
Direct primary Preliminary election giving all members of a party the chance to take part in a nomination. Intended to limit the influence of political machines in selecting candidates.
Purple gang Operated in Detroit from 1927-1932 to bootleg alcohol during the Prohibition. Were in Detroit to easily get alcohol (whiskey) from Canada.
Muckraker Journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business and public life.
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle".
Problems of the time period Corruption, Long Hours, Unsafe conditions, Mistreatment of minorities.
18th amendment & its impacts on U.S. Banned the sale and purchase of alcohol. Impacted the U.S. by increasing crime and creating gangs.
Henry Ford Created the assembly line, which gave jobs to many immigrants
Protecting Social Welfare Improved harsh conditions of life during the industrial age
Promoting Moral Improvement Improve the lives of poor people by improving their morality. The Prohibition and the 18th amendment were created to reach this goal.
Creating Economic Reform Overcoming poverty and economic hardships by improving government. The American Socialist Party, direct primary, initiative, referendum, recall, and the 17th amendment were created to reach this goal.
Fostering Efficiency Improving lives through more effective business practices. Scientific management and the assembly line were created to reach this goal.
Triangle Factory Fire Happened because a match was lit in the 8th floor. Grabbed the attention of New Yorkers, which forced monopolists out of government.
Muller v. Oregon Limited women factory and laundry work hours to a 10-hour day.
Meat Inspection Act Works to prevent adulterated or misbranded meat and meat products from being sold as food.
Food and Drug Act Regulated food additives and prohibited misleading labeling of food and drugs. Led to the formation of the FDA.
The Jungle impacts on society Exposed the unsanitary and dangerous working conditions in meatpacking plants.
Scientific management Businesses used scientific data to run their business.
Created by: Jayson Van Dam