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The New Republic

Washington's Challenges and the New Republic

Battle of Fallen Timbers Partially caused by poorly marked boundary lines, this dispute was about land claims between Americans and Native American tribes.
Pinckney’s Treaty Spain will accept new boundary lines around Florida, allow US goods to be kept in the New Orleans port, and allow Americans to travel on the Mississippi River.
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers in the Appalachian mountain area refused to pay the new tax and 1st tax on their domestic product. This led to a large military presence, led by President Washington into Pennsylvania.
Jay’s Treaty A controversial deal with Britain and the United States where Britain agreed to leave the Ohio Valley and pay for damaging US ships, but still trade on the American side of the US-Canada border.
Treaty of Greenville As a result of this, Native American tribes lost land in Ohio, as well as ports and outposts in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.
French Revolution Tried to create a new republic based on liberty and equality – that is after they chopped the heads of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette!
The Elastic Clause A loose interpretation of the “necessary and proper” clause which states that “Congress shall have the Power…To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper." It was used by Alexander Hamilton to justify the creation of the National Bank.
Alien Act This 1798 law will allow for the arrest of those seen as possibly threatening to the United States. It also forces them to wait longer to become citizens – that is if they have not been deported.
Sedition Act Will fine and imprison anyone who speaks ill or prints anything critical of President Adams’ government. A serious infringement of American freedoms and liberties.
The XYZ Affair This attempt at discouraging French naval attacks on American vessels because they did not want to join sides in the French-British war, results in outrageous demand for a $250,000 bribe by French officials.
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