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wgu social science

freedom of speech religion press First Amendment
right to bear arms 2nd
quartering soldiers 3rd
search and seizure 4th
due process 5th
due process continued 6th
civil law 7th
bail fines cruel punishment 8th
protection of rights notlisted 9th
powers of states and people 10th
suits against the state 11th
electing pres and vp 12th
slavery ended 13th
citizens rights in the states 14th
black vote 15th
income tax 16th
senators 17th
alcohol prohib. 18th
women vote 19th
executive and legislative terms of office 20th
prohib. repeal 21st
pres - 2 terms 22nd
wash dc right to vote 23rd
poll tax prohib. 24th
pres secession 25th
vote age 18 26th
congressional compensation 27th
becoming a citizen three laws reside in state for 3 mos/ no crimes/ believe in us const
becoming a citizen three laws part 2 knowledge of us hist and govt/ basic english/ skills test
contour lines or shaded areas to indicate elevation relief map
lines and colors to indicate elevation and landform shapes topographical
colors lines symbols shading to w/ roads and artificial objects physical
5 things helped shape VA and MD climate/land, head right system, lots capital,tobacco industry, religious toleration
Can legislative branch coin money and maintain military yes
can legis. branch interpret law and constitution no judicial
can legis branch declare war yes
can legis branch veto bills no executive
can legis branch enforce laws no executive
can legis branch regulate interstate commerce yes
can legislative branch grant pardons or make treaties no exec
can legis branch make people pay taxes thru laws yes
can leg branch put govt officials on trial and hold trials yes
can leg branch impeach yes
can leg branch confirm cabinet members yes
increased soil erosion impaired water cycle deforestation
increased carbon dioxide global warming
increased local pollution energy development
three natural boundaries that impact political lines mountains, rivers, deserts
heavy forest with high rainfall:city, cattle raising, hunters/gatherers, or fishing hunting w/ trade hunters/gatherers
chain of islands: city, cattle raising, hunters/gatherers, or fishing hunting w/ trade fishing hunting
location accessible from many locations: city, cattle raising, hunters/gatherers, or fishing hunting w/ trade city
area of grass unsuitable for farming cattle
4 roles of free press link govt to citzens, inform citizens about govt, watchdog, persuades voters
Created by: jujujackson
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