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Narrative test RV

Name the conflict: A man (the main character in the book) gets into an argument with his boss. Character vs Character
Name the conflict: A wind storm rips through town topping a cell tower onto Bryce's house. Character vs Nature
Name the conflict: The government wants to use eminent domain to take the house away from Tim. Character vs Society
Name the conflict: Sophie wants to go shopping with her best friend, however she has chores. Character Vs Self
.All narratives must have this component. Conflict
What element is the beginning of the plot structure? inciting incident
Which of these is NOT a story device? plot
What comes after rising action? climax
What is another name for main character? Protaganists
Who or what is in conflict with the main character? Antagonist
Which of these is an audible craft an author would use? Rule of three
Which of these is a visual craft element an author might use? Font size
Which of these is NOT a story element? font size
Do proper nouns have to be capitalized? Yes
Repetition sets a purpose or makes a point to the reader. true
Redundancy is good for your writing. false
What is the first stage of the writing process? planning
What is the first writing of your paper called? draft
Revision works on the fine details of your paper. false
Editing works on author's craft. false
What is the last stage of the writing process? final copy
There are two types of author's craft. audible and visual
Visual craft elements help you hear the story. false
A cliff hanger is a story device. true
Your last and final copy should look just like your first draft. false