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National French Week

Culture Questions

Who is Tintin? A cartoon character who is a detective, a popular series in France
Who are Asterix and Obelix? They are 2 cartoon characters who live during Roman times.
What is the name of the most popular French bread? baguette
How old do you have to be to get your driver's license? 16
Which French painter is famous for using pointillism? Seurat
Who is Le petit prince? The little prince, a character in a book with the same title
How many sectors are there in Paris? 20
What is France's highest peak? Mont Blanc
Quebec's motto is "Je me souviens." What does this mean? I remember.
Vermont is made of which 2 French words? vert and mont
When do the French eat their biggest meal? lunch
In how many countries is French spoken regularly? 39
The U.S. purchased a big piece of land from the French in 1803. What was it called? The Louisiana Purchase
What money is used in France Euro
France's national holiday is on ... July 14th
Created by: faystonfrench