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ch 19 study guide

ch19 study guide

How did the horses help the Plains?When they were first seen what were they known as by Plains Indians? They learned about the horses from neighboring the tribes.
Why did the railroad companies hire immigrants to build the transcontinental railroad? An "Iron Horse"belching black smoke and moving at stunting speeds.
What did cowhands adopt from vaqueros? Riding,roping,and branding.
What did the Fort Laramie Treaty want native Americans to do? To keep to a limited area in return they promised money and domestic.
What happened at the battle of Little Bighorn (Custer's Last Stand)? Custer and all his men died.
Why didn't the Dawes act succeed? The Native land was an open place for riding.
Why was the National Grange set up? To boost farm profits and reduce the rates that railroads.
Why did Exodusters move to the West? When the freedom blacke had gained after civil war.
How did news of the Comstock Lode affect the West? They stock gold in Sierra Nevada in 1859
What were the major benefits of the transcontinental railroad? They stretched across a continent from coast to coast.
What did cowhands have to do on cattle drives? Drive animals hundreds of miles to railroad lines in Kansas and Missouri.
Why was the Hispanic-American Alliance formed? To protect and fight for there rights.
Who resisted the governments attempts to force Native Americans on reservations?(What two major Native American leaders? Chief Joseph Flees,Geronimo
What was the Ghost Dance?Why was it performed? World spread that a prosper named Wcvoka had appeared said would make a new world.
How did the government encourage settlers to move onto the plains? They passed Homestead Act 160 acres of free land for a small fee and farmed on it for five years.
How did the Homestead Act encourage people to move West?what were some problems associated with this act? Many immigrants and easterners rush to accept the offer of freeland.
Where was the Farmers' Alliance most active? From Texas through the south and into the plains
What are reservations? Limited area set aside for N.A.
Who were Susette La Flesche and Helen Hunt Jackson?Why were they important? Reformers who wrote books about how whites hurt American Indians.
Explain how the way of life of life of the Plains Indians changed in the late 1800s. The Federal Government took away The power of Indians leaders.
Created by: gianndileo
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