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Road to Reveloution

Stephen F Austin Furfiled the first Anglo American contract in texas
Santa Anna He was the dictator of Mexico
Haden Edwards He got his emprasario contract cancelled which lead to the Fredonian Rebellion
Mier y Teran Wrote a report on Texas after the Fredonian Rebellion
Lorenzo de Zavala Was a Mexican polition who sided with the Rebellion
William B Travis Co-Commander of the Alamo, and was know for writing the famous letter
Martin de Leon Native American empresario
Sam Houston Leader of Texas Rebellion
James Bowie Co-Commander of the Alamo
George Childress Drafted the Decleration of Independence
James Fannin Hesitated at Goliad, and ended up at the Golliad Massacre
Juan Seguin Polition and military figure in Texas Revelation
What was the effect of the success of Austins Colony? The Law of April 6th got passed
What was the Fredonion Rebellion? Haden Edwards gets his contract cancelled and gets mad
What was the Mier y Teran Report? Went to Texas and wrote report on observations
What was the Law of April 6th? Ristrictions on Texans, allowed Mexico strictor control on the colony
What events occured during the 1821? Mexican Independence and Austins Colony
What events occured on 1836? Texas Reveloution and Texas Independence
What was the conflict of Anahuac? People wernt happy with the government so they rebelled
What were the Turtle Bayou Resolutions? Was a way for colonist to express thay anahuac wasnt a Rebellion
What were the rights garenteed by the Mexican Constitution of 1824? Liberty, Property, Elections
What was the order of the events in the Road to Reveloution? Fredonian Rebellion , Mier y Teran Report, Law of April 6th, Conflict of Anahuac, Turtle Bayou Resolotions,Convention of 1832, Austins Arrest
Why was Mier y Teran sent to investigate Texas? They didnt want the Fredonian Rebellion again
Why was it significant when Santa Anna came to power? was a dictator and moved to central government
What made the Mexican National Era significant? Empresarios
Where were the majority of empresario colonies located? Costal Plains
What was the significance of Travis' letter from the Alamo? meant to rally and bring people to the Alamo
Which event increast tension between Mexico and Texas Road to Revolution
Who were the Co-Commanders of the Alamo? Travis and Bowie
What was the purpose of the convention of 1823 and 1833? Request changes from Mexican Government
What was the letter Austin sent to the Mexican Government? He wanted a separate state government
What was the letter Austin sent back to Texas? He said ,"Start your own government."
What was the Battle of San Jacinto? Texas gained its Independence and ended the Reveloution
What was the Runaway Scape? Fleeing East to get away from Santa Anna
What was the Goliad Massacre? Fannin delayed and Mexican army caught up
Created by: victoriafernan
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