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SS Chapter 2 test

SS Chapter 2 test study guide

What kind of landform is just north of the Gulf of Mexico? Coastal plain
What is the landform between mountains or hills? valley
Why do many people live near oceans, rivers, or lakes? they use the water to drink, cook, and farm
Why do many people live on plains? because it's easy to travel and farm on flat land
Which landform is west of the Great Plains? Rocky Mountains
The Sierra Nevada mountains and Death Valley are in the _____ part of the United States Western
What region of the United States has the Everglades and the Appalachian Mountains? the East
What are the major bodies of water in the central United States? the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes
What kind of resource are vegetables? renewable resource
Which of these is a flow resource: oil, wood, wind, or vegetables? wind
What is oil - a renewable or nonrenewable resource? nonrenewable
What will happen if we waste nonrenewable resources? they will run out quickly
How did the Aztecs change the land near Mexico City? They dug canals.
Why doesn't the air pollution in Mexico City blow away? The mountains around the city block the wind.
What are people in Mexico City doing to clean up the air pollution? Everyone started to walk to work instead of driving.
Why did the Spanish begin to drain the lake? They wanted land.
Created by: kja303