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Ancient Greece

Test Review for our Ancient Greece Unit

Direct Democracy A government where all citizens could share in running a government
Athens The first civilization to use a direct democracy
Agora An outdoor marketplace where the people of Athens met to discuss ways to make Greece a better place to live
The Council A group of citizens who made decisions for Athens
free men (citizens) The only group of people allowed to participate in the government; 18 years and older
Parethenon A Greek temple built for the goddess, Athena
Representative Democracy a government in which people vote and choose leaders to represent them
Architecture a method or style of building
US Supreme Court a U.S. building influenced by Greek architecture
Boxing, Wrestling, Running, and Racing Horses Sporting events that were part of ancient Greek's daily life
Courts of Law and Juries The U.S. legal system uses these parts of the ancient Greek government
Laws rules that governments make for all people to follow
Doric, Ionic, Corinthian three types of columns used in Greek architecture
The 5 Olympic rings represents the five parts of the world that join together in the Olympics
The Assembly The council would tell this group what they wanted to do, and this group would vote on it.
Election citizens vote for who they want to represent them
City-State a city and its surrounding countryside
Zeus the Greek god the Olympics honored
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