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The Giver test


What is third person point of view? Witnessing what is happening. He, her, them, etc.
What is symbolism? An ordinary object with an important meaning.
What is direct characterization? Going straight out and telling the reader about the character.
What is indirect characterization? Giving hints to the reader so they can infer something about the character.
Key facts about Jonas. 11 turning 12, main character, boy, receiver of memory
key facts about lily Sister of Jonas, Girl, 7 turning 8, no assignment yet.
key facts about the mother Jonas' mother, department of justice, uptight
key facts about the father Jonas' father, nurturer, kind and gentle, willing to break the law now and then
key facts about Asher 11 turning 12, Jonas' best friend, fun and playful, mixes up his words, takes the pills
Key facts about Fiona. 11 turning 12, kind and gentle, Jonas has romantic feelings for her, caretaker of the old.
Speaker The piece of equipment nailed to the wall, corrects them without giving names, announcements.
Key facts about gabriel Possibly released from the community, almost one, trouble sleeping.
Committee of Elders. Assignes people, control of everything, makes the rules.
Stirrings. Dreams that involve feelings
family unit Assign the parents, cannot live alone, limited of 4 family members.
Pale eyes Symbol of linking Jonas and Gabe, rare
morning ritual When you discuss your dreams with your family
Evening Ritual When you discuss your feeling and day while you family helps you out.
Volunteer Hours Council of Elders picks your assignment
"Rule" of Sameness Cannot point out differences
Precision of language Punished for language that is not precise
Gabriel as a symbol Symbol of failure and hope.
Created by: 22repack
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