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World history

Medieval Christian Europe part II

What were signs of increasing prosperity? A reliable food supply and the abundance of trade and growth of towns.
Where were the first universities built and why? Around cathedrals in Rome. The universities were built in the High Middle Ages because the people wanted an educated clergy.
Who provided students with amenities? Local nobles
What were the "new" ideas in universities? Advances in science and mathematics
What did Christian scholars think of the church? The church was the final authority on all questions
Scholasticism was what? resolving the conflict between faith and reason
What did Thomas Aquinas do? He merged Christian belief and Greek philosophy. He wrote about government and natural law.
What did Christian scholars study Hippocrates for? On geometry, medicine, and Euclid
How did the development of universities affect members in the growing middle class? It provided an opportunity for advancement
Gothic cathedrals caused what? Their light-filled interior made Christians long for religious knowledge and purity.
What effect of the weakening of the Byzantine empire have on knowledge and learning in Western Europe? Scholars who fled Constantinople took with them knowledge that helped spark the Renaissance
Why were Byzantine scholars so important to Western Europe? They carried the ancient Greek and Roman ideas
Which manner of writing enabled a great deal of literature to a wider audience in the late Middle Ages? Vernacular language
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