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Unit 4

Before the Civil War chapters 8-10

Tradition of judging women in the 1800s by certain virtues Cult of True Womanhood or Cult of Domesticity
What were the virtues by which women were judged piety, purity, submissiveness, domesticity
In what role were women elevated in status motherhood
In what two occupations did women remain teaching and nursing
Professionalization in what two fields excluded women medicine and law
Where did textile mills emerge which provided employment for women Lowell, Massachusetts
Why did working conditions in these factories deteriorate immigration provided a large labor supply, unsuccessful unions, lack of government regulation, and mechanization
First woman's right convention was held where Seneca Falls, NY 1848
What did the women write at the convention Declaration of Sentiments..."All men and women are created equal"
What is women's suffrage voting rights
Who was Elizabeth Blackwell First female doctor in America
This woman worked for prison reform and the treatment of the mentally ill Dorothea Dix
Who was Lucretia Mott abolitionist and suffragist
Who were Sarah and Angelina Grimke sisters who grew up in the south but became abolitionists who wrote against slavery
What organization did Elizabeth Cady Stanton help to create National American Woman Suffrage Association
Who was Sojourner Truth former slave and abolitionist
What discovery brought people to California in 1849 gold
Did most miners travel with their families to California no, most came alone to seek their fortune
Did most strike gold and get rich no, but the merchants who catered to the miners did
How long could the journey along the Oregon Trail take 4 to 6 months
Why was death common along the Oregon Trail starvation, drowning, disease and illness such as cholera
What delayed the annexation of Texas slavery
Location where Mexican forces under Santa Anna defeated & killed 187 Texans Alamo
The Treaty of Velasco gave Texas what independence
What justified the Mexican American War declaration for President Polk American blood shed on American soil
Which American general took Mexico City Winfield Scott
This American was known as the Hero of Buena Vista due to his defeat there of Santa Anna Zachary Taylor
Who was president of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston
Name of the treaty that concluded the Mexican American War Guadalupe Hidalgo
By the end of the war, America enlarged its territory by 1/3rd, true or false true
rivalry and conflict among regions of a nation sectionalism
the North's economy was based on what manufacturing
the South's economy was based on what agriculture
this machine reinvigorated the south's demand for slaves cotton gin
This territory in 1820 applied to become a slave state in the Union Missouri
The Missouri Compromise line allowed slavery where south of the line
In 1850 this area wanted to join the Union as a free state California
In the New Mexico and Utah territories the issue of slavery would be decided by... popular sovereignty (settlers would vote)
The Southerns wanted a stronger fugitive slave law. This law dealt with what? runaway slaves
Famous "conductor" of the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
The book that inflamed the North against slavery Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
This act allowed settlers to determine the issue of slavery in the Louisiana Territory Kansas Nebraska Act
violent abolitionist who led a raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in an attempt to lead a slave revolt John Brown
His election win resulted in South Carolina seceding from the Union Abraham Lincoln
First shots of the Civil War occur where Fort Sumter
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