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History Benchmark

Test on 11-3-16

Grants citizenship and due process to all people born in the US 14th
All citizens the right to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude 15th
Bans slavery in the US. 13th
What is Reconstruction and how long did it last? Reconstruction is the time period right after the Civil War, where they basically “rebuilt” the nation, especially the South It lasted 12 years, 1865 - 1877
What is a Black code? The black codes were adopted by southern states to limit former slave’s freedom. At a state level.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1866? The Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave equal rights and citizenship to everyone born in the US (specifically African-American). It also send federal troops to enforce and protect African-American rights.
What was the Freedmen's Bureau and what did it do? The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to aid former slaves in the South (It was a government agency). It gave freed men and women food, shelter, medicine, clothing, and helped them get jobs.
Who was and was not able to hold political office after the Civil War? Former slaves were allowed to hold political office, and southern military leaders were not allowed too.
Who is a carpetbagger? A northerner who comes to the south to take advantage of the southern hardships.
Which person was a former slave? Fredrick Douglass
Which person was an advocate for voting rights? Fredrick Douglass
Which person was a former Confederate general? Robert E. Lee
Which person wanted to preserve the Union? Abraham Lincoln
Which person was the president of the United States? Abraham Lincoln
Which person was the president of Washington College? Robert E. Lee
Booker T. Washington Accepted social segregation, Believed equality could be achieved through vocational education, Was a teacher, Was a author, Was a speaker
W.E.B. Dubois Believed in full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans, Founded the NAACP along with Ida Wells Barnett, Was a teacher, Was a author, Was a speaker, Believed in the “top tenth” should lead the African American people
What are the Great Plains physical features? -Land that gradually rose from east to west. - Eroded land by wind and water. - Low eroded by wind and water. - Frequent dust storms.
What are the four inventions that changed the Great Plains? - Barbed Wire - Steel Plows - Windmills - Railroads
What are the four adaptations that changed the Great Plains? - Dry Farming - Sod houses - Beef cattle raising - Wheat farming
Detroit industry Automobile
Chicago industry Meat Packing
Pittsburgh industry Steel
New England industry Textile
Northeast Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Southeast Alabama Arkansas Florida Delaware Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi Missouri North Carolina
Midwest Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota
Southwest Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Utah
Rocky Mts. Colorado Idaho Montana Nevada Utah Wyoming
Pacific California Oregon Washington
Non-contiguous Alaska, Hawaii
What are the 5 reasons for Westward Expansion? - Opportunities for land ownership - Technological advances, including the Transcontinental Railroads - Chances obtaining wealth, discovery of gold and silver - Desire of adventure - New beginnings for former slaves
What are the 5 impact of Westward Expansion on Native Americans? - Indians opposed the settlers moving west - Forced relocation from their lands to reservations - Reduces population through war, buffalo population decrease, disease - Assimilation attempts - Reduces American Indian homelands through broken treaties
Geronimo Apache leader who was known for his daring escapes and avoiding US troops, His name is become a synonym for bravery
Sitting Bull Fought in that battle of Little Bighorn against George Custer, He and his group eventually surrendered to U.S troops because of lack of food.
Chief Joseph Leader of the Nez Perce tribe, His people were caught 40 miles from the Canadian border trying to escape from US troops
What is urbanization? - The term used for growth of cities.
What is an immigrant? - A person who moves to a different country to live there
What are the three reason for urbanization? - Many industries were expanding - Immigration was growing - Americans were moving from farms to cities
What are the four reasons for immigration? Hope for better opportunities, Desire for religious freedom, Escape from oppressive governments, Desire for adventure
What are two problems that came with immigration and living in the city? Overcrowding and unhealthy living
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