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Explorer/ Mission

Texas History

Who was Christopher Columbus and what was his role in the new world? He was a spainish explorer who found the new world.
What is New Spain? Where is it? Mexico city is the capital of mexico city. It was located in today's mexico.
What was spain's role in the colonization of the Americas? They colonized Mesoamerica, South America, and Texas.
Conquistadors- Who are they/ What did they do? They were spainish soldiers who conquered land
Friars- Who were they? What did they do? They were spainish priests who had a goal of converting others to catholicism .
What is a mission? A place building were friars would take in natives and try to convert them.
Hernan Cortez- What did he do? Why is he significant? He was a spainish man who defeated the Aztec empire.
The Aztec empire- What was it? It was the most advanced tribe in Texas.
Moctezuma- Who is he? Why is he important? He was the leader of the Aztec.
Mexico City- How is Mexico city related to tenochtitlan? Tenochtitlan became Mexico CIty
What new ideas/ goods did the Spanish bring to new spain? They brought missions and catholicism. They also brought horses.
What is the encomieda system? Giant farms with natives as slaves
What is a Viceroy? A Leader of a territory spain owns
Cabeza De Vaca- What happened to him? Why is this significant? He shipwrecked on the Texas coast and reported stories he heard about cities of gold. This is significant because this causes a search for gold in TX.
Who is Estevanico? What significant things did he do? He was Cabeza de Vaca's slave. He led the journey for the cities of gold.
Who is Viceroy Mendoza? The Viceroy who organized the expedition for the cities of gold.
What role did Frair Marcos play in the spainish search for gold? Why was he chosen for this job? He was told to report to spain if he found gold. He was chosen because he was a priest, so he would not take the gold.
Who is Coronado? What significant things did he do for the spainish? Coronado was the spainish man who led the final expedition that searched for the cities of gold. He discovered that there was not gold.
France built many settlements around which major river system in in North America? The Mississippi River.
Who was La Salle? What happened on his expedition? He was a French explorer. He claimed the Mississippi River and Louisiana for France.
Why did the East TX missions fail? They lacked natural resources and the natives rejected catholicism.
What is a Presidio? A fort built to protect the missions and guard against the French
What year was San Antonio de Bexar founded? Why was it founded? 1718. It was a halfway point.
What year was the Alamo founded? Where? 1718. San Antonio de Bexar
What is Coahuila y Tejas? What today's Texas used to be.
Were the missions in the plains successful? Why or why not? No, the natives wanted them dead.
What does it mean to secularize a mission? When the natives in a mission are realesed from the mission.
What was daily life like in the missions? Lots of work and little sleep.
What is a mestizo? Tejano? Mestizo= A mix of spainish/native race. Tejano= A spainard or mexican who lives in TX
Where were the most successful missions located? Why significant? San Antonio de Bexar. One was a halfway point.
What is a peninsulare? People born in spain who were sent to rule.
What is a Creole? People born in the americas to spainish parents.
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