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Sports and Society

Sports final exam cards

Green Brie High, Evan GAWore Pepsi Shirt for Coke Competition Mike Cameron
Big Ten CommissionerTravel basketball problematic1997, committee against current recruiting problemsShift from summer to the academic year Jim Delany
3 time MVP, 13 time All-starPlayed for Yankee56 game hi streak, 1941Married Marilyn Monroe Joe DiMaggio
Founded Phil Bell's AAU team in late 1970sFounded Blue Star Camp in 1981Blue Star Index, scouting service Mike Flynn
Huntsville Alabama, created Alabama Aces2 sons, Lance and Zach, and found Marvin Stone Johnny Gilbreath
Coach of Maine Central Institutecoached college fundamentals at high school levelBreaks down kids, no trophy unless championshipNike Max Good
UK boosterOwned and founded Kansas City 76ersGave gifts to Javon Rush Tom Grant
U of Tenn forwardFemale JordanMiddle Village Christ the King High SchoolPsalms 23, Jersey number4 time All American, 3 time national Champion Chamique Holdsclaw
Head coach of Mt. Zion AcademyAggressive recruiting tacticsReceives $150,000 a year from Tracy McGrady Joel Hopkins
Considered one of top players of 1999Played for DC AssaultFinished at Maine Central Institute Demarr Johnson
CEO of Nike Phil Knight
Pro wresltertook ear off of other wreslterKnown as Tarazn Killer Kowalski
Founder of DC Assault60 players have recieved division I scholarshipsFirst sponsored by Rebook, team nameNow with NikeDemarr lived with the coach Curtis Malone
Drafted in 1997 Toronto Raptors$12 million contractMt. Zion, pays $150,000 to school each year Tracy McGrady
Started WWECalled wrestling entertainment, not a sport Vincent McMahan
Coosa County Alabama, recruited by Mt. ZionTold next McGrady, straight to NBATold not to worry about academicssigned intent to Miss State Jamario Moon
"Buy your own shoes"Cicero Hope Boys Club consoler, San Bernardino, CaliRuns Inland Valley basketball traveling team, with adidas Elvert Perry
Gold-toother former crack dealerRan talented Kansas City 76ersLots of funding from Nike Myron Piggie
Director of Nike grassroots basketball after Vaccaro George Raveling
Center from Huntsville Alabama Grissom HighConsidered one of the top 1999 playersCareer fractured a basketball-mad city Marvin Stone
All-Stars Conversedoor-to-door salesmanshipdrove country leading clinics selling shoes from trunk Chuck Taylor
Father of MarcusGeneral Motors factory worker Lansing Michigan2 most improtant things, education and development of son's game James Taylor
#1 prospect 2000 classLansing Michigan, compared to Magic JohnsonLived as traditional teenagerNo AAU invlvmentOnly played in 2000 Nike Camp as sophomore Marcus Taylor
Exec. Director of NFL Players' AssociationLed unsuccessful strike in 1987 against leagueAlienated sefl against retired players involving minimum pension for retired playersEarned 6 figures Gene Upshaw
With Nike in 1980s, now with adidasRuns the adidas ABCD Camp and Magic's Roundball Classic Sonny Vaccaro
Childersburg Alabama, best player 2000Childersburg went 28-5Played for Kenny Harris AAU Birmingham Ice, adidasWent to U of Alabamatold should play ball for money Gerald Wallace
U of Kansas head coachJaron Rush, unfair advantage of recruitng Roy Williams
Powerful center for Northern CaliAttened prep school Maine Central Institue Wesley Wislon
Next Jordan, played golf$40 million sponsorship dealGolf could not set a national fashion trendJordan was still out there Tiger Woods
Freedom of press and speech 1st Amendment
Carlisle vs. Army battleArmy vs. IndianEisenhower, James Thorp, Glenn WarnerConnected to the battle of Wounded KneeCarlisle won 27-6 1912 Game of the Century
Sponsored by RebookWon gold, but Jordan covered Rebook logo with American flag 1992 Dream Team in the U.S. Olympics
John Walsh, Chicago businessmanUS High School vs. rest of the worldHeld at DePaul University Alumni GymNike Hoop Summit ran the game out of business 1994 Fathers Liberty Basketball Game
young and underdeveloped body size, age, and Women's Gymnastics
Leadership, Cohesion, and Team Norms Regarding Cheating and AggressionHigh school and community college baseballage, year in schoo, and years playing, positively affected expectations of peer cheating and aggressionsCoach would accept it if necessar David Lyle Shields article
Uneven Playing FieldThe development of women who play sportsHigh school and girls ACL tears Michael Sokolove article
The Construction of Gender in Sport: Women, Coaching, and the Natuarlization of DifferenceMale coaches better accepted and no women coaches among male teamsPat Summit only Woman to be offered coaching position of all men's team Nancy Theberge article
Work Routines in Newspaper Sports Departments and the Coverage of Women's SportsLimited coverage of women's sports Aland Cronk and Nancy Theberge article
Policing the Race: U.S. Men's Distance Running and the Crisis of WhitnessCalled "White Space"Few white men distant runnersMainly African distant runners Walton, Theresa, Ted M. Butryn article
Portrayal of events within the industry as 'real', that is, the protrayal of professional wrestling as being genuine or not workedWrestling moves are fake, but look real Kayfab
Founded the Father Liberty GameUS high school vs worldRan out of business by Nike Hoop Summit John Walsh
Enrolled at UCLARecieved money from Tom GrantPlayed on the Kansas City 76ers Jaron Rush
Coach of Miami Senior high schoolUsed M&M to recruit playersused connection with Vaccaro and Nike for sponsorship17 state basketball titlesLeft in 1995 to coach FIU Shaky Rodriguez
Created by: Niborhp
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