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ME Ethnic Groups

Barfield study guide

Where is Kurdistan? mountainous region of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria
Which language is spoken by Kurds? Variation of Farsi/Kurdish
Which language is spoken by Persians? Farsi
Which language is spoken by Jews? Hebrew
Which language is spoken by Arabs? Arabic
What is the difference between religion and ethnicity? Religion can be changed, ethnicity cannot and ethnicity is based on your roots/ancestry.
What is the dominant religion practiced by Kurds? Islam (Sunni)
What is the dominant religion practiced by Persians? Islam (Shia)
What is the dominant religion practiced by Jews? Judaism
What is the dominant religion practiced by Arabs? Islam (Sunni)
Who is the common figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Abraham
Islam is centered around whose teachings? Muhammad
What building do Muslims worship in? mosques
Which religion is centered in Mecca, Saudi Arabia? Islam
What is the holy book called for Jews? Torah
What is the holy book called for Christians? Bible
What is the holy book called for Islam? Koran/Qu'aran
A split occurred between Sunni and Shia Muslims over what? Who should lead the Muslim world after Muhammad's death (successor or caliph)
What is a caliph? A leader
What do the 5 Pillars of Faith include for Muslims? Faith, Prayer, Giving Alms (charity), Ramadan, and Pilgrimage to Mecca
Why did Jesus have trouble with Jewish leaders and Roman authorities? Jews accused him of crimes against their teachings and Romans saw him as a threat to their empire.
What modern country is home to those who call themselves Persians? Iran
What basic belief made Christianity different from Judaism? Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah, or savior of man. Jews believe Jesus was a prophet.
What did Muhammad believe the angel Gabriel was asking him to do? Spread the word of God to the People
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