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Chapter 6 Test

Study Guide for Hibner's Chapter 6 Test

When was the Preamble added to West Virginia's Constitution? 1960
How are amendments added to West Virginia's Constitution? (Two ways) Constitutional Convention OR 2/3rd vote in both houses of Congress and approved by voters
What do they use to determine the number of seats in the WV Senate and House of Delegates? Apportionment
How long are West Virginia's Delegates and Senators elected for? Delegates serve 2 year terms; Senators serve 4 year terms
What is the main difference between the requirements to be a WV Delegate or Senator? Age requirement (Delegate = 18 years old, Senator = 25 years old)
Who decides who the Lt. Governor will be? Elected by the other Senators
How many members are in the WV House of Delegates? 100
How many members are in the WV Senate? 34
What positions make up the Board of Public Works? Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, and State Superintendent of Schools
Which member of the Board of Public Works is not elected by the citizens? State Superintendent of Schools
Who is the current Governor of West Virginia? Earl Ray Tomblin
Who is the current Secretary of State of West Virginia? Natalie Tenant
How many justices serve on the West Virginia Supreme Court? 5
What kind of court cases does the WV Supreme Court mostly hear? Appeals
Which level of West Virginia's judicial system would you find "trial court"? Circuit
What are two services provided by county governments? Emergency services, water and sewage systems, recreational opportunities, build libraries, build and maintain roads
Who presides over the county government? County Commission
How many members are there on Wayne county's County Commission? 3
Besides enforcing laws, what is the main job of the county sheriff? Collect taxes
Which of the three discussed municipal government forms do both Ceredo and Kenova have? Mayor-Council Form
Who is the mayor of Ceredo? Otis Adkins
Who is the mayor of Kenova? Terry Carpenter
Besides county and municipal, what is the third form of local government discussed in our notes? Board of Education
Created by: bhibner