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Westward Expansion

5th Grade Unit on Westward Expansion

The telegraph did what? Sent news across the country
Who mostly worked for the Union Pacific Railroad company? Irish immigrants and freed slaves; This group had conflict (trouble) with the Native Americans
Who mostly worked for the Central Pacific Railroad company? Chinese immigrants; This group had to blast through the Sierra Nevada mountains
What did the Transcontinental Railroad do? Allowed goods and people to travel across the country in a week
Who was the Transcontinental Railroad good for? Why? Cowboys (because moved cows east) Settlers (because it helped them get to the west)
Who was the Transcontinental Railroad bad for? Why? Native Americans (because it disturbed the buffalo, which they hunted)
What did the Homestead Act do? Encourage settlers to move to the Great Plains They got 160 acres of land for only $10
What troubles did some of the settlers have that moved to the plains as part of the Homestead Act? settlers had trouble with weather, natural disasters, grasshoppers, and thick sod (made farming difficult
What technology helped pioneers? Steel plows, windmills, barbed wire, dry farming
How much money did cattle drives earn ranchers? $4 a cow in Texas $40 a cow in the East
What trails moved the cattle from Texas to the East? Great Western Cattle Trail and Chisholm Trail
Cowboys were.... men who drove cattle
What fraction of cowboys were Black Cowboys? 1/4 These were freedmen who were treated more fairly than in other parts of the country
Why did the cattle drives end? The railroad was built down into Texas.
What did the Gold Rush do? Bring settlers to the West
How was the Native American's way of life threatened? 1.By the decline in buffalo 2. telegraph and railroad lines 3. Ranchers/Farmers taking their land - they had many violent disagreements over land
What was the Battle of Little Bighorn (aka Custer's Last Stand)? General Custer attempted to defeat the Lakota and force them onto reservations; He was killed along with all of his soldiers.
Why were Native Americans moved to reservations? Their homelands were taken from them
How do Native Americans keep their cultures alive today? 1. maintaining tribal languages 2. sharing tribal stories 3. gaining more land
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