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PD/H notes theory

What are 6 skill related components of fitness ? AGILITY:change body position quickly while staying in control POWER:having strength and speed REACTION TIME:to move fast after a signal SPEED:to move body parts work together to move COORDINATION:body parts work together BALANCE:keep body steady
What test can be done to test your 6 skill related components of fitness ? -agility -speed -power -reaction time -balance -coordination AGILITY-Illinois test POWER-basketball throw REACTION TIME-ruler test SPEED-50m sprint COORDINATION-hand/wall test BALANCE-stork stand
What are 5 health related components of fitness? CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE-heart that works efficiently for long period of time MUSCULAR STRENGTH-ability to exert force FLEXIBILITY-range of motion around a joint BODY COMP-amount of fat to muscle in body MUSCULAR ENDURANCE-muscles work efficacy
What are test you can take to test your health related components of fitness? -flexibility -muscular strength -body comp -muscular endurance -cardiovascular endurance CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE-beep test MUSCULAR STRENGTH-sit ups STRENGTH-grip test BODY COMP-skin fold FLEXIBILITY-sit and reach
What are some advantages of being physically fit? ~longer life ~lower body fat ~less health issues ~stronger organs ~better mental health
What are some of Australia's physical guidlines for 13-17 year olds? ~60minutes moderate activity everyday ~variety of arobic activity included ~3 days a week include strength
What are some barriers to sport? -location -health issues -$$$ -time/work -access -availability -gender -climate
What is dynamic nature of health? Constantly changing fitness
Who,why,reliable,accurate things to accessing health care Who:everyone should be able to access healthcare Why:because everyone has equal rights Reliable:any local doctors or healthcare places should be reliable Accurate:any advice given should only be given by qualified doctors so that it is accurate advice
What are some things that should be considered while in a relationship? ~there is equal power to all people in relationship ~there is no bullying to anybody in relationhip ~both people have power and say in relationship ~it is trustworthy and honest
What are signs of positive and negative relationships? Positive:both people are happy,equal rights and honesty is included in relationship Negative:not happy,bullying involved,not everyone has equal rights and harm is done to people physically and mentally
What are impacts of illegal drugs? Include; -legal -economic -social -emotional Legal-fined $, record, prison Economic-fined $, cost of drug, loss of income Social-exclusion,dodgy friends,people opinion on you Emotional-mental health issues like anxiety and depression
Created by: KirraWac
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