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SW Asia Unit Review

1. Producing goods that a country can make most easily Economic Specialization
2. How has Israel made up for its lack of natural resources Israel developed a strong technology sector
3. What generalization can be made between GDP and literacy rate? High literacy rate = High GDP
4. Person who takes a financial risk to start a new business Entrepreneur
5. What are the Five Pillars? The 5 basic obligations for Muslims
6. What type of government does Saudi Arabia have? Monarchy
7. Why is Iran sometimes called a theocratic republic? Iran has an elected parliament and powerful religious leaders.
8. Why do most economies in the world operate between a market and command economy? Countries have found that a mix between market and command economies is successful.
9. If OPEC countries reduce production. what happens to oil prices? Oil prices go up.
10. The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on ________. Oil
11. Why is it important for nations to have a system of converting currency from one to another? It makes it possible to buy and sell goods between nations.
12. One reason Iraq has had a difficult time forming a new government after the fall of Saddam Hussein Iraq has many different religious and ethnic groups that all want power.
13. Why did the United Nations form a coalition to stop Iraq from taking over Kuwait in 1990? The UN intervenes whenever a member nation has a conflict with another country.
14. Two bodies of water connected by the Strait of Hormuz Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea
15. Of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel, which government is least controlled by religious leader? Israel
16. How is the president chosen in a presidential system of government? In a vote separate from the one that chooses the legislature
17. A monarchy is a ___________ type of government Unitary
18. In a parliamentary system of government, who is responsible for making and carrying out the laws? the Legislature
19. Who is the most powerful ELECTED official in the Iranian government? the President
20. The Gaza Strip is located within the country of ________. Israel
21. OPEC sets limits on the number of barrels of oil its member countries can produce in a given time. What economic term is this known as? quota
22. Israel has invested heavily in capital goods in many areas, except ________. the oil industry.
23. Why did so many countries i the UN feel it was right to create the state of Israel? Because Israel suffered so much in the Holocaust
24. Hatred of Jews just because they were Jewish Anti-semitism
25. What was the outcome of the 1948 Palestinian War? Israel won and they ended up with even more land than they had originally.
26. Why did the US invade Afghanistan in 2001? The US government believed the Afghanistan was hiding Al Qaeda and bin Laden.
27. Common person in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Abraham
28. What is the climate like in most Southwest Asian countries? hot and dry
29. The Suez Canal connects the _________________ _______ and the ________ __________. Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
30. Difference between a religious group and an ethnic group All members of a religious group worship the same god. Ethnic groups can have many different religions.
31. What is the religion of most Arabs? Muslim
32. Most of the large cities in the Middle East are located on or near __________ __________. major rivers
33. In the Iranian government, how does the Guardian Council affect elections? It approves the candidates that will be placed on the ballot.
34. When the land of the former Ottoman Empire was divided, what problems were created for the inhabitants? The new countries included people who did not have much in common.
35. Why did the US got to war with Iraq in 2003? The US thought Iraq had WMDs and was helming Al Qaeda.
36. The Suez Canal is important to international shipping because ______. It makes it possible to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea without having to go around Africa.
37. Why are technologies like desalination and drip irrigation not more widely used in the Middle East? The technology is too expensive for most countries.
Created by: Lynn - TCMS
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