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What are some reasons for Rome's decline? Unclear process of succession, massive size of empire made administration difficult, threats, large amount of military spending
To what extent do we see parallels with the decline of Rome and the status of the U.S. on the international scene today? Unclear process of succession after the death of an emperor, Massive size of the empire made administration difficult, military threats from along the borders of the empire, large amount of military spending, lack of dedication to a common culture.
What are some early depictions of Jesus in art? Young, beardless and with short hair
What is the oldest depiction of Jesus? Jesus performing a miracle
Jesus as a solidar Lack of a beard
Jesus in an illuminated manuscript the blond hair
What was constantine? First Rome emperor to accept Christianity
What was the Council of Nicaea? Called by Emperor Constantine to settle disputes about Christian doctrines
In order for a book to be included with the New Testament portion of the bible it needed to be connected with who? Jesus, The Apostles, or Paul
Who only wrote around half of the letters attributed to him due to differences n writing style and theological views? Paul
Who was Augustine? One of two major Christian theologist/ philosophers of the middles ages
What was the first spiritual autobiography in the West and also most famous? Confessions
What was the first work that analyzes in detail the relationship between Christianity and human history? City of God
What was Rome's Three Children? The Byzantine Civilization, The islamic Civilization, The early medieval civilization
What one of Romes three children emerged out of Western half of the Roman empire? The early Medieval civilization
What one of Rome's children emerged out of the southeastern portion of the Roman Empire Islamic Civilization
What one of Rome's children emerged out of the eastern half of the Roman Empire? Byzantine Civilization
Who was born in Mecca in modern day Saudi Arabia? Muhammad
Was Muhammad a prophet or a divine human being? Prophet
What is they key difference for muslims? Muhammad is the most important and final prophet
How many people are muslim today? 1 out of 7
What time period is also known as the Dark Ages? The Early-Medieval Civilization
What are some characteristics of the Early Medieval Civilization? Short life, Low levels of education and literacy, little travel or trade, not a good time to be alive
What are the characteristics of monasteries? simple living structured around worship and labor
What are the benefits of monasteries? Played a major role in converting new population to Christianity, provided social services, active about making copies of books
Who was Benedict? Wrote the Rule of Saint Benedict
What are illuminated manuscripts? elaborately decorated books created in monasteries
What does parchment equal? animal skin paper
What does illumination equal? The play of light on gold
What does marginalia equal?
Who was in charge of the Monastery? Abbott(Father) (Abba)
Who is in charge of the Abbott? Lord
How are decisions made in the monastery? First everyone will come together and talk about it and then the Abbott will have the final say
How does the virtue obedience compare to today? Freedom, bill of rights, individualism
What was the virtue silence like back then and How does the virtue silence compare to today? Back then- No gossip, laughing, can talk Today- Freedom of speech, always talking, laughing
What was the virtue humility like back then compared to today? Back then- Be humble, fit in the crowed, everyones the same Today- Be different, Be yourself
Is there private property in the monastery? No it is a communal given by the Abbott
How is private property viewed in the U.S.? Private Property is huge in todays world, everyone is about and for themselves
How are goods distributed in the monastery? They give goods are needed, there was no favoritism
How are days spent at the monastery? Working in the yards/ manual labor then etelectual labor, keeps you busy all the time, no rest
What is the Prayerful Reading? meditative approach, by which the reader seeks to taste and savor the beauty and the truth of every phrase and passage
How are business activities handled or what is the attitude toward profit in the monastry? Allowed to bring money but only enough for the monasrty, just need enough money to satisfy the monastery
What was the context from the article "A sign from Above?" They needed a new roof, so they decided to sell Rare beer over seas
What was the unusual thing about there customer service? Hard to get a hold of, when they do answer they tell you when you can come, what beer you can buy, tell you how much your going to pay, if you don't like it then God be with you.
What were some of the pivotal events in Donalds Jacksons life? Had a scholarship to go to art school, decided to because of a little girl giving him a complement of his hand writing.
What methods were used to create the Saint Johns bible? Quill pen, egg yoke, parchment for paper
Why did they want to use modern abstract images instead of more traditional ones? They didn't want to do what has already been done
What methods were used for the fundraising events? 7 different presentation, 45min each/ sponsorship for pages
What is the purpose of having major courses? prepare you for the job market, having a major show you can be trained in a certain field
What is the purpose of LAC courses? Helps prepare you to be a citizen
What are some of the Job market advice Hesse gave us? Two majors are better then one, graduate degree sets you above everyone else who only has a B.A, its easier to go to school when you are still young
What is the difference between the Past V. History? The past= everything that has happened up to this moment in time History= Our record of what has happened in the past
What are the limits of the study of history? It is impossible to have a 100% accurate account of any event in the past
History exists primarily in what? Written Records
What are the reasons to study history? learn lessons from the past to use in the present, history helps to shape personal identity, and expression of gratitude
What are some evidence for human evolution? Fossil record, DNA similarities, vestigial structures
What does B.C. A.D B.C.E and C.E all stand for? Before Christ, In the year of our lord, Before common Era, Common Era
What are the first examples of drawing and paintings? Cave paintings usually depict of extinct animals
What was the name of the cave called? Chauvet Cave?
What were the first examples of sculpture? Venus statues, Venus of Hohle Fels, Venus of Willendorf
What was the 1st example of world literature? The Epic of Gilgamesh
What was Hammurabi's code? set of 282 laws
What does Genesis 1-2 mean? The book of Genesis chapter 1 through chapter 2
What was the covenant with Abraham? Story of Abraham and Isaac; test of faith, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham agrees to do so but at the last minute God intervenes and prevents the sacrifice
What was the emergence of monotheism? Belief in one God
Why is the Chauvet cave in such a pristine condition? There was no touching anything in the cave and having to stay on the trail the whole time, also there nobody allowed in the cave for a long time
What is the content of the drawing and paintings in the cave? Drawings of peoples dreams
What are the characteristics of God in the first account of Genesis? All knowing, all powerful
What are the characteristics of God in the second account of Genesis? Trail and error
The two main city-states in classical greece? Athens and Sparta
Athens was what? Naval power, urban, democratic
Sparta was what? Land power, rural, authoritarian
What are some characteristics of Greek democracy? Demos- the people Kratia= the rule of, only male citizens could vote and hold office, slaved based economy
What are some advantages of democratic system of government? The people have a say over who governs them
What are some disadvantages of democratic system of government? The "tyranny of the majority", most citizens are not well informed, most citizens want both elaborate government services and low taxes
What was the characteristics of Homer? Author of Iliad and the odyssey
What type of poems were the Iliad and the odyssey? Epic adventure poems
What was the major theme in the poems the Iliad and Odyssey? Courage and confidence
Who was Socrates? Father of Western philosophy
What were the charges against Socrates in the Apology? Believing in the wrong Gods, and corrupting the youth
What are the characteristics of the Parthenon? Influenced architecture by wealth, culture and power, looks like are straight lines and right angles but really there is none
What are some characteristics of the Roman Republic? System of government with a divison of power between branches of government, it was divided between two groups the patricians and the plebeians
What are some characteristics of the Early Roman Empire? Augustus and the Pax Romana,
Who was Augustus? The first emperor of Rome
The Pax Romana was a what? An empire that stretched from modern-day Scotland to Iraq
What were some characteristics of Roman architecture? Concrete, arches, roads and stadiums
What is concrete? Could be poured into molds v, using cut stone and bricks
What are arches? Increased support v, using post and lintel methods
What are the significance of the Roman roads? They all lead to Rome, built quickly to move troops and their supplies
What were some of the Stadiums in Rome? Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Bread and Circus
What was the significance of the Bread and Circus? Served to entertain the public but also keep them distracted from their poverty
What are some connections between Judaism and Christianity? Christianity emerged out of Judaism, Messiah is Hebrew for anointed one , for jews the Messiah has not come yet
What was early life like for Jesus? baptized at age 30 by John the baptist and then began to preach, heal the sick and perform exorcisms
What were Jesus main teachings? The power of God, The golden Rule, forgiveness and love of one's enemies, rewards in the afterlife
Who was Paul? Originally a jew who wanted to discredit jesus and his followers, he had some type of divine vision and accepted Jesus as his messiah
What part of the bible consist of letters from Paul to various Christians communities defending and promoting the faith? The new Testament
What was Pauls oldest letter? Thessalonians
Why was christianity appealing? Emphasis on rewards in the afterlife, on the equality of all before God, and was communal/social aspects provided believers with a sense of belonging and purpose
Who was the first person to witness the resurrected Jesus? Mary Magdalene
What were the attitudes towards women due to Pauls letters? expected to be mothers and obedient wives, women should be silent in the churches
What are the four gospels in the bible? Matthew, mark, luke, john
What was the oldest of the gospels? mark
What gospel does Jesus perform exorcisms and speaks in parables? Mark
What gospel did Jesus famously raise lazarus from the dead? John
What is the Two-source hypothesis? Explaining the underlying relationship between Matthew, mark, Luke, and John
What is going on the parable of the sower? Some seeds grows, some doesn't. The message: Word of God is the sower, the seeds are the message of God, some people will spread the message of God, some people won’t.
What are the Beatitudes? Poor people who are blessed
In the high middle ages what was the leap forward? Western Europe had emerged from its backwardness
What are some characteristics of the territorial monarchies? Large tracts of land, precursors of our modern states, compromise between city/states and small kingdoms
What are some characteristics of religious and religious pilgrimages? Ordinary person travled vast distances to see . Camino de Santiago, The way
What is Camino de Santiago? Famous route for medieval pilgrams to see the bones of one of Jesus Apostles
What is The Way? Film staring Martin Sheen as a modern day, father who walks the Camino de Santiago as a type of pilgrimage after his son's death
What are the Crusades motives? To spread Christianity, gain terriotry and wealth
What are the Crusades methods? Brutal against Muslims and Jews, any religious tradition can inspire both great good and great evil
Who is Francis Assisi? Son of wealthy merchant, similar to the life of the Buddha, attempted to imitate the life of Christ
What are the characteristics of Thomas Aquinas? Embraced scholasticism, Most famous for offering five arguments for the existence of God
What are the characteristics of the Gothic architecture? Solid walls, external supports, lighter walls, stained glass windows
Who created the terza Rima? Dante
What is going on in the introductory scene? Dante is in a deep wooden valley, tried to get out but the "beast" doesn't let get out of the dark places in his life.
What is Dante going through in his life? Midlife crises/ dark times
What is the significance of Virgil? He offers to help out Dante
What is written on the entrance to hell? nothing
who is outside of the entrance? Agonstics and other folks telling them to come in
who is charon? The one who gets people into hell
What is Limbo? Folks who are born before christianity
Who is placed in Limbo? Virgil
Are they punished? They can never be rewarded or leave but they are not punished
who are the Prodigal? The folks who spend there money on pointless stuff
who are the miserly? People who hored there money
How do their punishments fit their sins? There lies are defined as money so now for after like there punishment deals with money, They will have stacks of money and have to run into each other and it will continue for eternity
How are the Wrathful punished for there sins? They were violence people so there punishment in the after life would be hurting eachother for the rest of eternity
How are the Slothful punished for there sins? They were lazy people so they got Stuck under a rock and couldn't move and barley could breath for the rest of eternity
What are the characteristic of lucifer and the center of Earth? It was cold, and he had three gross faces
Who was being eaten by Lucifer? Judeus, Brudeus and Cacteus
Why was Judeus, Brudeus and Cacteus being eaten by lucifer? They betrayed
What is the worst sin? Betraying
What is the purpose of purgatory? When people arn't bad enough for hell but not good enough for heaven
Why is Beatrice Dante's guide through heaven instead of Virgil? Because Virgil can't leave Limbo
How does Dant's depiction of God/The trinity compare with the sterotypical father figure version? 3 rings on top of eachother with rainbows shooting out, there was an image of a man(jesus) in one of the circles
Who were the main participants at the actual Battle of San Romano? City state v. City state Mercenaries are the people who are paid to fight
Who commissioned the painting? Wealthy banker
What are some characteristics of the painting? Depth perception, transition work, bloody battle scene, painted on wood
How has the shape of the painting changed? Geometric Shape
Where are the three painting located today? why? In 3 different cities because there to old and would be broke if they got moved.
How does Ucello's work differ from traditional medieval approached to drawing and painting? No religion, attempt at 3D
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