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Executive Branch


Chief of State Requires a President to be an inspiring example for the American people.
Chief Executive The President is the "boss" for millions of government workers in the Executive Branch.
Chief Diplomat The President decides what American diplomats shall say to foreign governments.
Commander-In-Chief The President is in charge of the U.S. Armed Forces
U.S. Armed Forces The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.
Legislative Leader Presidents may urge Congress to pass new laws or veto bills that they do not favor.
Chief of Party The President helps members of his or her political party get elected or appointed to office.
Guardian of the Economy The President is concerned with such things as unemployment, high prices, taxes, business profits, and the general prosperity of the country.
Examples of Responsibilities: Awarding medals to the winners of college scholarships Congratulating astronauts on their journey into space Greeting visitors to the White House Making a patriotic speech on the Fourth of July Chief of State
Examples of Responsibilities: Appointing someone to serve as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Holding a Cabinet meeting to discuss government business Reading reports about problems of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chief Executive
Examples of Responsibilities: Traveling to London to meet with British leaders Entertaining Japanese diplomats in the White House Writing a message or a letter to the leaders of Russia Chief Diplomat
Examples of Responsibilities: Inspecting a Navy yard Deciding, in wartime, whether to bomb foreign cities Calling out troops to stop a riot at the request of the state's legislature or governor Commander-In-Chief
Examples of Responsibilities: Inviting members of Congress to lunch i the White House Signing a bill of Congress Making a speech in Congress Legislative Leader
Examples of Responsibilities: Choosing leading party members to serve in the Cabinet Traveling to California to speak at a rally for a party nominee to the U.S. Senate Chief of Party
Examples of Responsibilities: Meeting with economic advisors to discuss ways to reduce unemployment Meeting with business and labor leaders to discuss their needs and problems Guardian of the Economy
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