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Historic Times Begin

Ziggurat An ancient Mesopotamian pyramid shaped tower with a square base, rising in levels of decreasing size with a terrace at each level and a temple at the top
Cuneiform The earliest wedge- shaped writing system developed by the Sumerians.
Stela An ancient stone slab or pillar,usually engraved
Nomadic Moving from place to place with no permanent home
Agriculture Farming, growing crops and raising livestock
Trade exchanging goods or services with other people
Mesopotamia A greek word that means land between two rivers.
What parts of a civilization developed as people in the Fertile Crescent began to grow more crops and raise more animals? People no longer needed to move from place to place. They began to trade crops, animals, and services.
What did the people of the Fertile Crescent develop? Developed laws, agriculture and medicine.
What are the two rivers located in ancient Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates
What two tools did the ancient Mesopotamian's create to help with farming levees and irrigation systems.
Who were the first group of people to live in Mesopotamia Sumerians
How did the ancient Sumerians build their homes? They used sun-dried mud bricks
Why were priest important? Sumerians believed in many gods. Priests became very powerful and became priest-kings. The priest-kings ruled large areas. The Sumerians believed that the gods spoke to the priest and therefore obyed everything they said.
Name the Sumerian Achievements A written language Developed science and mathematics divided the year and circle into 360 parts developed a 12 month calendar used the wheel and made vehicles invented the plow and sailboat
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