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Native American

Chapter 2 Review

What does archaeologists do? Study evidence left by early people
what are artifacts? Objects made by early people
What do mound builders use large mound of earth for? Used for burial grounds and religious ceremonies
Where are the Incas located? West coast of South America- Andes Mountains
Why did Native Americans cross the land bridge? They followed herds of animals (FOOD)
What is the top class of Mayan society? Priests
Which cultural area uses all parts of the buffalo? Great Plains
What are the Iroquois women allowed to do? Pick council members
How did the Inuits adapt to their environment? They used a natural resources and used all parts of animals
What is the name of the land bridge? Berengia
What did the Mayan priests invent? The 365 day calendar and an advanced number system
Which cultural area celebrated potlatch?` Northwest Coast
What is potlatch? A party to give gifts and show off their wealth
What is culture? A way of life
How do historians study the past? Study artifacts, determine how old an item is, form theories about the culture of early people
How did geographic features affect the Mayans and their way of life? Mexico- grew corn, roads connected cities to the coast. Priests were neccesary for good harvests
What are some achievements of the Aztecs? Built causeways, used floating gardens, advanced calendars
What are some of the achievements of the Incas? Carved terraces into mountainsides, kept records of what each family grew, advanced building techniques, built 10,000-20,000 miles of roads, advanced medicine, brain surgery
What are some of the achievements of the Mayas? 365 day calendar, advanced number system, hierogyphics
How does housing differ between cultural areas? Housing is based on resources available anf how they get food. Inuits- igloos (made of snow and ice) Iroquois-longhouses (made of wood) Plains- Followed buffalo (used teepees- easy to put up and take down )
Created by: mrusso1
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