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Chapter 11 Westward

Westwards expansion - Oregon Trail, Mexican-American War, Gold Rush

James K. Polk President who promised acquisition (gaining) of western lands
Mountain men traveled on the Oregon Trail for furs
Brigham Young led Mormons west to escape religious persecution
Oregon Trail northern trail with fur trapping
Mormon Trail trail to Salt Lake City for religious freedom
Salt Lake City settlement of the Mormons in the West
Sante Fe Trail southern trail that brought trade with the Mexicans
Manifest Destiny belief that it was the fate of America to spread democracy to the Pacific Ocean
Annexation adding an area, similar to acquisition
Texas gained its independence from Mexico
Stephen Austin established a colony of Americans in Mexican Texas
Sam Houston general in the Texas fight for independence and first president of Texas
The Alamo battle loss for Texans seeking independence; became chant for the next battle “Remember ……”
Battle of San Jacinto victory that gave Texas independence
Oregon Territory land south of 49th N. latitude that became part of US from Britain
Nueces River the Mexicans believed this was the north border of Mexico
Rio Grande the Americans believed this was the north border of Mexico
California site of the start of the Mexican-American war
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago ended the Mexican-American war giving the US California and gave the US Arizona, New Mexico , Colorado and Wyoming
Gadsden Purchase land bought from Mexico the set the southwest border of the US for $10 million and included parts of Arizona and New Mexico
Donner party western travellers that tried to take a shortcut and got trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Acquistition adding a country, similar to annexation
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