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Civil War studies

Civil War

What is the war of Antietam? A battle fought in Sharpsburg, Maryland. On September 17, 1862. It was the first battle of the American Civil War to be fought on northern soil. This war had more than 22,000 casualties.
After the Bull Run Merrimack became an Ironclad. Name became C.S.S Virginia. They sailed the boat out to the Virginia Bay. The Virginia found a blockade in the bay and they started firing out on the Union blockade. The Virginia sunk 3 wooden Union ships.
Lincoln's first Inaugural Address Lincoln said slavery would continue where it existed. He would not interfere with slavery. He would change the Fugitive Slave Act. He said the Union could not be broken no matter how hard they tried.
Battle of Fort Sumter Battle of Fort Sumter was fought in South Carolina. No casualties except for a confederate horseThe south shot at the Union Fort to stop the supply from coming in.
After Sumter Four more states seceded. Confederate capital moved to Richmond, Virginia
Border states Theses were slaves states that remained in the Union. (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri) Lincoln sent troops and arrested pro-southern leaders to keep them from seceding.
Union advantages More men, more ships, more railroads, more factories, more farms.
Confederate advantages Knowing the land, better generals
Jefferson Davis Confederate President
AH Stephens Confederate Vice President
Union Plan The Union plan was called the Anaconda plan. The plan was to blockade the south mainly by blocking rivers.
Confederate Plan The confederate was to fight a defensive war
Union Objective The Union planned to go from Washington DC to Richmond, Virginia. Richmond was the confederate capital. They did not make it to Richmond.
Outcome Irwin McDowell was the Union general who marched his soldiers to Richmond. The Confederates expected them. The confederates won the battle but did not follow the union when they fled.
Created by: Slayyy_El
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