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Chapter 7-8 vocab

highland Scots people from the mountainous part of Scotland
Gabriel Johnston A Scot who became royal governor of North Carolina and 1734
backcountry An area of thinly populated settlements that stretched from the foul line to the Appalachian.
Pennsylvania Dutch The name given by settlers to all German-speaking people settled in the back country of North Carolina in the 1700s
gentry Wealthy people at the top of the social order in colonial in North Carolina
planter a plantation owner
militia volunteer soldiers
racism a belief by some that people of one race are superior to those of another
cash crop a crop raised for sale rather than home use
corduroy road type of road formed by placing logs side by side
turmoil a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty
fall line An imaginary line where rivers drop suddenly from highlands to lowlands forming waterfalls or Rapids
indentured servant A person who worked without pay for a certain number of years in return for passage to a colony clothing food and shelter
sectionalism A strong loyalty to their region or section where a person lives
Granville District the large parcel of land granted to John Carteret, Earl Granville
Arthur Dobbs Governor of North Carolina, 1754- 1765
quorum The number of members of a group that must be present before the group can function legally
William Tryon governor of North Carolina, 1765- 1771
extortion obtaining money or Goods by force, threat, or illegal use of power
poll tax a tax that charges each person the same amount, Usually as a requirement for voting
regulator A member of the association formed in North Carolina to regulate public grievances and abuses of power
Battle of Alamance The 1771 battle between the militia of colonial North Carolina and The Regulators
antagonism Opposition or hostility
gentry people at the top of the social order in colonial North Carolina
quitrent A land land tax used to help cover the cost of governing The Colony
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