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Gr. 8/Civil War

Civil War

Where did the first attack of the Civil War occur at? Fort Sumter
Where was Abe Lincoln from? Illinois
What was the name of the plan to win the war by the Union? Anaconda Plan
What Union battleship was captured and fitted with iron which brought about a new era of naval warfare? Merrimack
What was the first big battle of the Civil War that was fought along a creek near Washington D.C. ? Manassas
Where was the site for the infamous Pickett's Charge? Gettysburg, PA
Who brought total destruction upon the South known as "March to the Sea"? W.T. Sherman
Who developed a 5-pronged attack called the Anaconda Plan? Winfred Scott
What was the bloodiest battle of the entire Civil War? Battle of Antietum
What battle was named after a small church? Shiloh
When Confederate troops entered a town hoping to find supplies, such as boots, they encountered Union troops and started what battle on July 1st, 1863? Gettysburg
What regiment was famous for their bravery and for being all African Americans? 54th Massachusetts
Which side wanted to conduct a defensive war and attack Washington D.C.? South
What was the name of the Union army in the East? Army of the Potomac
What city along a river mouth in the south was secured by Admiral David Farragut in a famous battle? New Orleans
Who were the Union forces led by? Ulysses S. Grant
What nickname did soldiers often give the "army bread" that they were issued? hard track
What beverage did soldiers rely on to help keep up their energy on long marches? coffee
What tune did both armies regimental bands play together during the Battle of Chancellorsville? Home, Sweet Home
What activities did the soldiers do in the evenings at camp? singing, reading, writing, playing baseball
In addition to the "army bread" what other food did the soldiers receive when they marched? salt pork and coffee
How many rounds of ammunition was the infantry soldier supposed to be able to fire in one minute? three
Why was it difficult to feed the Confederate army? naval blockade by the union
What was the network called that hid slaves to help them escape? Underground Railroad
Who was known as Grandma Moses and led more than 300 slaves to freedom? Harriet Tubman
What part of the U.S. had the largest population and was industrialized? North
What Illinois politician proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Stephen A. Douglas
This is a political theory that the people can decide their government (free or slave state). popular sovereignty
What compromise of allowed California to be a free state and New Mexico a slave state? Compromise of 1850
Which slave sued for his freedom but lost his court case? Dred Scott
Who was the first successful Republican candidate for president Abraham Lincoln
Which abolitionist led the raid on Harpers Ferry? John Brown
What effect did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation have? Freed the slaves but not until after the war.
What was life like for a Civil War soldier? boring
Where is Robert E. Lee's plantation today? Arlington National Cemetery
Created by: blarson
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