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Governing Russia

Petrograd Soviet vs. Provisional Government

Political Prisoners All political prisoners and exiles were to be allowed to return to Russia.
Freedoms People were allowed freedom of speech, of the press, and to hold meetings.
Discrimination Discrimination based on class, religion or nationality was illegal.
Elections Preparations were to be made for the election of a Constituent Assembly who would create a Russian constitution.
Police All police organisations were to be replaced by an elected people's milita.
Locally Local governments were to be elected by the people who would be represented.
Military Military units that took part in the revolution should not be disbanded or sent to the front line.
Soldiers Off-duty soldiers are to have the same rights as civilians.
Order No. 1 The army must obey the orders of the Provisional Government 'except where the orders contradict those of the Petrograd Soviet'.
Liberal Parties Wanted to achieve parliamentary democracy and civil rights through non-violent political channels.
Socialist Revolutionaries Wanted a democratic government that supported the working class over the landlords through agitation and terrorism.
Bolsheviks Workers needed to be led through the revolution by a group of highly disciplined revolutionaries.
Mensheviks Believed all who wanted to could join their party and that communism would come after an extended period of capitalism growth.
Petrograd Soviet Executive committee of factory elected representatives who worked to protect the interests of the working class.
Provisional Government A group of leading figures representing all parties who were trusted to run Russia until elections for a Constituent Assembly could take place.
Created by: AbiParsons
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