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Latin America Voc

A Spanish soldier who participated in conquest of indigenous peoples of Mexico Conquistador
A climate that occurs as elevation increases, with its own natural vegetation and crops Vertical climate zone
The value of goods and services produced within a country in a year Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The loss or destruction of woodlands, mainly for logging or farming Deforestation
Relating to or caused by an earthquake Seismic
A person of mixed indigenous and European ancestry Mestizo
The downward shifting of land in response to various natural and human-caused factors Land subsidence
The combining of beliefs and practices from different religions Syncretism
An area of a country in which trade restrictions do not apply Free trade zone
A farm product grown to be sold or traded Cash crop
A sum of factors within a population that reduce the ability of an environment to support the population, therefore resulting in migration or population decline Population pressure
A dialect used in everyday speech that blends elements of several languages Patois
A former federation that included present-day countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua United Provinces of Central America
A large agricultural estate owned by a family or corporation in Latin America Latifundia
A transportation route opened in 1914 and once controlled by the United States Panama Canal
A narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas Isthmus
The action or process of forming or depositing eroded material Sedimentation
A country that won its independence in 1804, following a revolt led by Francois Toussaint-Louverture Haiti
A small farm that produces food chiefly for family consumption in Latin America Minifundia
A group or chain of islands Archipelago
A steep cliff or slope between a higher and lower land surface Escarpment
A syncretic blend of Catholicism and West African religions Macumba
Parallel chains or ranges of mountains Cordillera
The longest river in the Western Hemisphere Amazon River
A slum on the outskirts of a Brazilian city consisting of crudely built shacks Favela
The loss of highly educated and skilled workers to other countries Brain drain
An ancient Inca town in the Andes Machu Pichu
The grassy, treeless plains of South America Pampas
The world’s highest large lake Titicaca
A thick, weathered soil of the humid tropics that is largely depleted of fertility and nutrients Oxisol
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