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Culture 10-24-16

The way in which people in a culture are organized into small groups is the culture's.... Social structure
A scientist who studies population is called a Demographer
A person who moves to a new country in order to settle there is called an.... Immigrant
The number of live births each year per 1000 people, or the _____, varies from one country to another Birth rate
A person who buys goods or uses services is a.... Consumer
The way people are spread out over an area is known as.... Population distribution
The movement of people to cities and the growth of cities is called... Urbanization
_______ is the average number of years a person is expected to live. Life expectancy
Tools and skills that people can use to make life easier. technology
Things that cultures need to survive Basic needs
The way of life of a group of people Culture
Customs that survive from one generation to the next Traditions
Tools and skills that people can use to make life easier Technology
Beliefs about what is good, desirable, and worth holding onto Values
The way of organizing people into smaller groups Social structure
The ways that families are set up Family patterns
Things people do for fun Recreation
Made up of a person of a group of people who make laws, decisions for war and collect taxes Government
System for producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services Economy
A way of communicating and a system of writing Language
How do demographers figure out population growth? By comparing birth rates, death rates, and life expectancy
Where do most people settle? Near bodies of water and in flat areas with fertile soil.
People's occupations, their behavior, and their beliefs are all part of their.... culture
Which social unit is most responsible for teaching the customs and traditions of culture? Family
What are two important features of a culture Religion and language
What is communism Economic system which is owned by government and it has a high level of social services
What is socialism Economic system mostly owned by government
What is capitalism An economic system in which is privately owned and has a low level of social services
Name and describe the theory that demographers use to explain immigration Demographers use the push and pull theory to explain immigration
Name and describe three examples of economic systems Communism which is owned by the government and it has a high level of social services. socialism that is mostly owned by the government. Capitalism which is privately and and has a low level of social services
Why have a large numbers of people moved from royal areas to urban areas? Better opportunities and a better future and lots of resources
Why does the worlds population continue to grow? Because there is better medical care and agriculture.
Special routine, practices common to people Customs
A cultures creative expiration Art
A culture is written expression Literature
What people believe in and how they worship their God(s) Religion
What are some push factors Crime Bad weather High taxes Political reasons
What are some pull factors Family Warm climate Attractions Friendly area Low taxes
What are some examples of non-material culture Beliefs Rules Values Language Family
What are some examples if material culture Style of dress Manners Style of beauty
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