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Mesopotamia Test

What does the term Mesopotamia Mean? Land Between the Rivers
What is the origin of the word Mesopotamia? Greek
Mesopotamia is located in which Continent? Asia
What are the 2 rivers which surround the area of Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What larger body of water does the 2 rivers flow into? Persian Gulf
The area of Ancient Mesopotamia is present day__________________ Iraq
The are of Mesopotamia has been given 2 nicknames. What are the 2 nicknames and how did they get the nicknames? Fertile Crescent: land is fertile and shaped like a crescent Cradle of Civilization: 1st known civilization
What is a City-State? Independent cities which have their own governing body
What were some of the challenges did the people in Ancient Mesopotamia face because of their location? Unpredictable floods, marshy areas, attack & invasion
How long did the Sumerian Empire last? 3500-2300BC
How long did the Akkadian Empire last? 2300-1900BC
How long did the Babylonian Empire last? 1900-1300BC
How long did the Assyrian Empire last? 1300-612BC
How were the homes of Ancient Mesopotamia built? People built their homes of sun-dried brick
What was the Sumerian economy based on? Agriculture
What was one of the first major inventions created by Sumerians? What was it made of? Wheel: solid wood
The Sumerians had no money system, so what did they use instead? They traded
What were some of the things the Mesopotamian craftsmen created? Mosaics, helmets, harps, jewelry, pottery, decorated tablets
What significance did pottery play in the Mesopotamian culture? It was a sign of wealth
What kind of musical instruments did they create? Harps
What did the Mesopotamians create in order to honor their gods? Ziggurats
What were the social classes of the Mesopotamian society? List the classes from highest to the lowest King High priests & Nobles Officials, Scribes, & Minor Priests Craftsmen Servants, labourers, & Peasants
The Sumerians created the first written language. What was it called? Cuneiform
What did the Sumerians write on and what did they use to write with? Clay tablets: reed stylus
Why did they create the written language? To keep records
What was the EPIC OF GILGAMESH? Why was this important? Oldest recorded story in the world about King Gilgamesh of Europe
The Sumerians were Polytheistic. What does this mean? They believed in many gods & goddess
The Sumerians would build very tall religious structures.What were they called? Ziggurats
What did the Sumerians do in the Ziggurats? They would hold religious ceremonies & bring offerings
Who was Hammurabi? An Ancient Babylonian King
What was Hammurabi known for? Creating the 1st set of written laws
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