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American Revolution

George Washington I was a soldier in the French and Indian war. I was chosen to be the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. (Commissioned by Continental Congress)
Benjamin Franklin I was a member of the committee to write the Declaration of Independence. I also helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris of 1783-- the peace treaty that ended the American Revolution.
John Adams I am a lawyer and politician. I helped defend British soldiers after the Boston Massacre, also on the committee to write the Declaration of Independence and helped edit the document
Thomas Jefferson I was a delegate from Virginia to the 2nd Continental Congress and was the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence.
Patrick Henry I am a patriot from Virginia, and one of my famous quotes is, "Give me liberty, or give me death"!
King George III I angered many colonists during my time as ruler of Britain and the colonies. The colonists listed their grievances (complaints about me!) when they declared their independence.
Marquis de Lafayette I am a French nobleman who was inspired by the Declaration of Independence and came to join the patriot cause and fought on the colonists side during the American Revolution. I helped my friend ,George Washington, train the troops at Valley Forge.
Wentworth Cheswell I am a free African American and like Paul Revere I made an all night ride warning my community of a British invasion and served a messenger during the Revolution.
Bernardo de Galvez I am a Spanish governor of Louisiana. I allowed the Patriots to use the Port of New Orleans during the American Revolution and provided the Continental Army with supplies during the war.
James Armistead I who worked as a spy for during the revolution by posing as an escaped slave. I gave the Americans important information about the British military and their movements during the American Revolution.
Haym Solomon I am a Polish-born Jewish immigrant and considered a financial hero. I helped raise most of the money to finance the American Revolution. Fluent in German, I talked a lot of those Hessians into leaving the British army!
Abigail Adams I requested that my husband and the government "remember the ladies" in their political discussions. I was one of the first advocates for women's rights.
John Paul Jones I am considered to be the founder of the U.S. Navy. When captured by the British, I uttered the immortal words- "I have not yet begun to fight!"
Paul Revere I made famous Midnight Ride to warn that the British were coming. I also was a member of the Sons of Liberty and made an engraving of the Boston Massacre to make people rise up against the British.
Valley Forge I am the place where Washington and his soldiers spent a harsh winter where they dealt with starvation, smallpox, and the freezing conditions.
Saratoga I am the location where the surprise win by the Patriots marked a turning point in the war.
Yorktown I mark the spot where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington which is known as the last battle of the Revolutionary War.
Treaty of Paris I was signed as a formal end to the Revolutionary War. My terms included setting the boundary of the United States at the Mississippi River- the territory previously claimed by Britain.
Patriots Which side am I? We had very little training, few weapons, a small navy. Thank goodness we knew the geography of the battle areas and had good leaders!
British Which side am I? With our well-trained troops, huge navy, and vast supplies, for us not to win was a big surprise. Our leaders were not great and the distance we had to travel was too great.
Cornwallis I was leader of the British troops at Yorktown who surrendered to George Washington.
France We sent our navy to blockade the English and troops and supplies to help the Patriots win the war after they convinced us they could win at the battle of Saratoga.
Lexington and Concord We are the location of the first battles of the American Revolution.
Shot heard 'round the world I am the nickname of the battles of Lexington and Concord as the American Revolution changed the course of world history.
Mississippi My location became the western border of the United States as a term of the Treaty of Paris.
untrained One of the disadvantages of the Americans was an ________ militia.
geography One of the advantages of the colonists was the knowledge of the _________ of the area in which they were fighting.
Great Britain I am the nation that the colonies declared independence from.
France I am the nation that your ambassador, Franklin, helped persuade to aid the colonists by sending my navy.
women patriots We are the group of people who helped the war effort by writing pamphlets, plays, poems, letters urging rights for all, and fundraising.
grievances against the King listed in the Declaration We include such items as keeping armies against our will, refusal of laws that were good for the colonies, dissolving representative houses of government, and taxation without representation.
writing of the Declaration of Independence The most important accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress.
1776 I am the year in which the U.S. declared independence from Great Britain.
Unalienable rights Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
government According to the Declaration, whose job is it to protect the rights of citizens?
natural rights rights people are born with
July 4th Date of the Declaration of Independence
Spain Which nation besides France helped the Patriots win the war?
Created by: sealek
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