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chptr 6 vocab

World Power A world power is a major country whose actions affect other countries of the world.
Expansionism Expansionism is the desire to gain more land.
Isolationist An isolationist nation is a nation that avoids economic or political dealings with other countries.
Annexed To annex is to add or attach to something larger.
Refuel To refuel means to take on a fresh supply of fuel.
Descendants A descendant is a person that comes from a certain ancestor.
Naval Naval means having to do with a navy.
Yellow Jurnalism Yellow journalism is exciting but untrue stories printed by a newspaper to attract more readers and sell more papers.
Commonwealth A commonwealth is a territory, state, or nation that rules itself.
Sphere of Influence A sphere of influence is an area of a nation that is controlled by a foreign nation.
Open Door Policy The open door policy was the American idea in the early 1900s that all nations should be allowed to use China's ports.
CHAPTER 7 This is chapter 7 so if you get this wrong well my comment would be, WOWWWWWW HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOUUUU GET THIS WRONG WOOOOOOOOOOO OWWWWWWWWWWWW
Western Hemisphere The Western Hemisphere is the western half of the earth. It includes North America and South America.
Stable Governments A stable government is a government that does not change frequently.
Isthmus An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger pieces of land.
Malaria Malaria is a deadly disease that causes chills, fever, and sweating. People get malaria from the bite of an infected mosquito.
Big Stick Diplomacy Big Stick Diplomacy was President Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy. It said that the United States would use military force to settle problems.
Corollary A corollary is an idea that follows up another idea. The Roosevelt Corollary builds upon the ideas of the Monroe Doctrine.
Dollar Diplomacy Dollar diplomacy was President Taft's policy toward Latin America. It encouraged the growth of American businesses there.
Good Neighbor Policy The Good Neighbor Policy was a policy toward Latin America during the 1930s. It said that the United States would not use military force there.