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Test Review

Political Socialization, Elections, Linkage Institutions

Political Socialization how people develop political beliefs
public opinion ideas and attitudes a significant number of Americans hold about government and political issues
straw polls unscientific method to determine public opinion
random sample gives everyone an equal chance to give their opinion
push polling manipulating questions to determine a biased response
3 key components of measuring of public opinion random sample, stratification, close ended questions
stratification classifying people into gender, race, age, or socioeconomic status
close ended questions yes/no, agree/disagree, favor/against
Different means to gather data mail surveys, telephone, social media
15th Amendment purpose increase the number of African-Americans to vote
19th Amendment gave women the right to vote
24th Amendment abolished the poll taxes
26th Amendment lowered the voting age to 18
Why do some people not vote? lack of time, lack of information, do not care, or are skeptical of the government
conventions candidates are officially nominated to represent their political party
delegate people who attend the national conventions
nominee person who officially run for president
caucus open meeting where supporters express who they are going to vote for
primary people vote in secret and in private
Electoral College electors officially pick the next president of the United States
popular vote people's vote
Linkage Institutions connect the government to the people
Political Parties unite people who have similar beliefs
Two Party System Republicans and Democrats dominate the US
Which politcal party resists change? Republicans
Which political party supports more federal involvement? Democrats
Campaigns require money and candidates with a platform
Platform goals and ideas that candidates seek to accomplish
Incumbent people who are already in office
Interest groups influence lawmakers and public opinion
Two of the most important interest groups are: NRA, and AARP
Lobbying testifying and "bribing" lawmakers
Mass Media mulitple ways to inform the public
Different mediums newspapers, TV, radio, internet, magazines
Watchdog media keeps an eye out
Expose stories designed to expose wrongdoing
Agenda setting make certain issues known to the public so they can do something about it
biased favoring one view over another
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