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3rd grade SS Ch 2

People and Their Environment

Natural Resource Something from nature that people can use, such as trees, water, animals and soil
Agriculture Growing crops and raising farm animals for sale
Mineral A natural resource found inside the Earth, such as gold, iron, copper, salt, silver, talc, boron, and tungsten
Fuel A natural resource that is burned to make heat or electricity
Aqueduct Large pipes or canals that carry water from one place to another
Canal A waterway dug across land
Irrigation Moving of water to dry areas. (example: to water the crops)
Bay A body of water that is part of a sea or an ocean and is partly enclosed by land.
Energy The power that makes electricity. It gives us light and makes some engines run.
Picture Graph A graph that uses pictures as symbols to stand for the number of things. (Example: One bucket stands for 5 gallons of water)
Resource Map A map where symbols show where different natural resources are found.
Environment The physical features and human features of a place
Dam Earthen or concrete structures that hold back water and prevent floods
Reservoir A man-made lake used for collecting and storing water.
Adapt To change
Disaster An event that causes great harm or damage, such as a storm, flood, earthquake
Pollution Anything that makes a natural resource dirty or unsafe to use. (example: polluted water is not safe to drink)
Conservation Working to save resources and make them last longer. (example: We conserve water when there is a drought)
Hybrid Hybrid cars have both gasoline engines and electric motors that run on batteries. They conserve resources by using less gas and cause less air pollution.
Recycle Using resources over and over again.
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