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American Revolution

The Pennsylvania camp where George Washington's troops struggles to survive the winter of 1777-1778 Valley Forge
1775 meeting of colonial leaders to direct the Revolution and approve the Declaration of Independence Second Continental Congress
The document that formally justified and declared the colonies' independence from Britain in 1776 The Declaration of Independence
An African-American Patriot who was the first victim of the Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
Term for rising prices and declining purchasing power; it made life in wartime difficult inflation
Commander of the Rebel Army General George Washington
British attack on a mob in MA in 1770 that increased tensions with the colonists Boston Massacre
Virginia lawyer and author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Number of men that died in the Revolutionary War 25,000 +
Laws that punished the colonies for the Boston Tea Party and limited colonists' rights Intolerable Acts
Thomas Paine's pamphlet which inflamed the colonists' desire for independence from Britain Common Sence
Groups set up by American colonists to exchange information about British threats to their liberty Committees of Correspondence
The Battle at which the British surrendered to the Americans in 1781 Yorktown
Colonists who opposed independence and remained loyal to the British government during the American Revolution Loyalists
Started the Committee of Correspondence, the Sons of Liberty, and helped organize the Boston Tea Party. Samuel Adams
King of England during the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence George III
The dishonorable practice of selling goods in short supply at inflated prices during wartime Profiteering
Culper's gang was a group of ____________. spies
British tax on colonial documents; later repealed by British due to colonists' organized resistance. Stamp Act
The French aristocrat and military leader who offered key assistance to the Patriots Marquis de Lafayette
Two countries that aided the Colonists with ships and guns France and Spain
Key American victory in 1777 that helped sway France to support the Revolution Saratoga
Colonists who supported the war for independence from Britain Patriots
Deadly disease at this time Small pox
An offer of peace extended to Britain in 1775 by the Second Continental Congress Olive Branch Petition
Helped the patriots by teaching them proper hygiene, discipline and order Baron Fredrick von Stueben
A tactic the British thought was appalling targeting the officers
The Revolutionary War was from 4/19/1775 - 9/3/1783
He wrote a recipe for vanilla ice cream Thomas Jefferson
"We must all hang together,or assuredly we shall all hang separately." Benjamin Franklin
"Give me liberty, or give me death." Patrick Henrey
Author of the pamphlet, Common Sense Thomas Paine
Ruled by a king Monarchy
Most remember him as the general who lost the deciding battle of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown Charles Cornwallis
These were 7 of the Founding Fathers George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, & Benjamin Franklin
What 3 countries were the first to colonize what became North America? Britain, France, and Spain
Who won the 7 Years War? Britain
The 7 Years War is also know as _______________. The French and Indian War
What problem did Britain face after the 7 Years War? Debt
The first tax Britain placed on the colonies was called the _______________ Act Stamp
The main way that the colonists protested Britain's control over them was through _____________________. boycotts
What event took place on Dec. 6, 1773 Boston Tea Party
What was the date of the Boston Massacre? March 5, 1770
What was the title of the picture made of the Boston Massacre? Bloody Massacre
Who created the picture called The Bloody Massacre? Paul Revere
What was the name of the Act the King implemented in response to the Boston Tea Party? The Intolerable Acts
What year was the First Continental Congress meeting? 1774
Where was the First Continental Congress meeting held? Philadelphia
Who was the British general in MA that ordered the disarmament of the colonists? Thomas Gage
Who helped organize the Boston Tea Party? Samuel Adams
Who dressed up as Native Americans and carried out the dumping of the tea into the Boston Harbor? The Sons of Liberty
Who helped organize the Sons of Liberty? Samuel Adams
Who was the richest man in Boston during the Revolutionary period? John Hancock
Who became the general of the Continental Army? George Washington
When was the Declaration of Independence ratified? July 4, 1776
Where did more Americans die during the American Revolution that did in battle? British prison ships
When was the American flag adopted? June 1777
What commander got frustrated with the war efforts and defected to the British? Benedict Arnold
What is the name of the treaty that ends the American Revolutionary War? The Treaty of Paris
What year was the constitution of the United States written? 1787
What year did George Washington become president? 1789
Where did George Washington put the nation's capitial? Washington DC
Where were the first two battles of the Revolutionary War? Lexington and Concord
The person General Washington turned to for help with the rebel army. Von Steuben
How many POW's died in the prison ships? 3000
How much of New York was destroyed by fire? 1/4
What percentage of New York stayed loyal to the crown? 20%
How many patriots rode with Paul Revere on his famous Midnight Ride? 40+
Who were two of the man that rode with Paul Revere to alert the militia that the British were coming? Samuel Prescott and William Dawes
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