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timeline Vocabulary

key concepts

Hunting and gathering paleolithic
Nomadic Paleolithic
farming and villages Neolithic
Pharaoh is leaking and God Egypt
papyrus Egypt
Cuneiform fertile crescent
Hammurabi's Code Fertile Crescent
Tigris Euphrates Fertile crescent
Caste Ancient India
Confucianism Ancient China
Filial Piety Ancient China
Indus River Ancient India
Confucianism Ancient Cina
Hinduism Ancient India
Direct Democracy, all citizens vote must be male over 30 Greece
Parthenon Greece
Colosseum Rome
Innocent until proven guilty Rome
aquaducts Rome
Pope Urban Crusades in Middle Ages
Manorialism Middle Ages
Feudalism Middle Ages
Humanism Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance
Medici Banking family Renaissance
95 Thesis Reformation
Luther Reformation
John Calvin predestination Reformation
Many new protestant churches created Reformation
Machiavelli the prince Renaissance
Reach your potential, be all you can be Renaissance
Raphael School of Athens Renaissance
Louis XIV built versailles Absolutism
Peter the great captures the Baltic Absolutism
I cannot and will not recant anything Reformation
Peasants agree to work land for protection Middle Ages
Domesticated animals fenced in for food Neolithic
Divine Right Absolutism
Eye for and eye tooth for a tooth Fertile Crescent
Trial by Jury Rome
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