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Mr. Stickler's Honors HNRS HIST "Revolutionary War" Unit Test 2018

When did General Cornwallis surrender to General Washington? October 19, 1781.
When the Revolutionary War began, what fraction of free Americans lived in poverty or depended on the community or charity? 1/5th.
What does the term "republican womanhood" mean/refer to? This term refers to the practice of mothers and wives helping to sustain American values and raise a new generation of concerned citizens" during the Revolutionary War.
What does the term "manumission" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "freedom from slavery or bondage".
What does the term "primogeniture" mean? This term means "the oldest son in a family gets to inherit the land or property".
Where did many Loyalists go after the Revolutionary War? This group of people fled to Canada.
Who was Baron Friedrich von Steuben? He worked with Gen. Washington's Continental Army during their winter camp at Valley Forge in 1778. He taught them military skills such as how to set up proper camps to keep them sanitary & hand-to-hand combat skills.
Why did Gen. Washington attack Hessian troops at Trenton, New Jersey before taking his soldiers to their camp for the winter at Valley Forge? He did this because he knew that his soldier's morale was low due to so many recent loses & many of their enlistments were about up. He wanted to improve their morale so that more would re-enlist.
What was one way that General Howe alienated British Loyalists in 1776? British and Hessian troops "left behind a trail of destruction & memories of abuse that alienated many Americans who might have considered remaining loyal".
What were three (3) issues that Gen. Washington's troops faced at Valley Forge? 1. Blankets, coats, & firewood to keep warm were scarce; 2. Almost no food was available; 3. Enlisted men shared very cramped quarters.
What does the term "Black Market" refer to? This term refers to "the illegal business of buying and selling goods that are banned or restricted".
What does the term "cheap money" refer to? This term refers to "paper money that is readily available but had declined in value".
Who was Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion? He was a legendary leader of guerrilla fighters who organized small bands of troops to attack General Cornwallis' army near Charleston, South Carolina.
Who was Benedict Arnold? He was an American officer who defected to the British Army. He had planned to surrender the American fort at West Point, New York to the British, but his plan was discovered before he could carry it out.
When did Britain's Parliament vote to cease all military actions against the colonies? Britain's Parliament voted for this on March 4, 1782.
What were "two major victories" that the Americans won with the Treaty of Paris of 1783? 1. The boundaries of the United States were extended; 2. The U.S. was given unlimited access to fisheries off Newfoundland.
Who was Mary Ludwig? She was a woman who dressed herself up as a male in order to join the military and fight in the Revolutionary War.
What was the nickname given to females who dressed as males to join the Continental Army and fight in the Revolutionary War? These women were known as "Molly Pitchers".
How were upper class urban wives and mothers able to devote time to raising their children according to "republican value systems"? Upper class, urban wives and mothers were able to do this because they no longer needed to devote time to making cloth, candles, or butter as they had during the Revolutionary War.
What were two (2) things that American republicanism expected mothers to instill in their children after the Revolutionary War was over? Mothers were expected to instill patriotism in their children as well as provide them with a formal education as future citizens.
List two (2) of the four (4) states where antislavery campaigns flourished during the Revolutionary War. 1. Pennsylvania; 2. Massachusetts; 3. Rhode Island; 4. Connecticut.
Complete this sentence: "Another name for the French and Indian War is _______________________________________." The Seven Years' War.
In December 1776, who did Congress send to Paris, France in hopes of winning formal recognition of American Independence? Benjamin Franklin was sent to do this.
Which countries supported the Revolutionary War and how? 1.) France - A treaty linked France & the U.S.; 2.) Spain - They had formally recognized the U.S. in 1779.
Where was the last battle of the Revolutionary War fought? This battle was fought at Yorktown, Virginia.
What was the name of the document that was signed to officially end the Revolutionary War? This document was called the Treaty of Paris, 1783.
List two (2) of the things that Baron Von Steuben taught the Continental Army soldiers at Valley Forge. 1.) He taught them how to prevent the spread of disease by having the latrines moved far away from the kitchen and living areas; 2.) He taught them how to properly use bayonets for hand-to-hand combat.
Where (in the United States) did the British navy first engage the Continental Army? The British 1st engaged them at Kip's Bay, New York.
What did the Stamp Act Congress want to do? This group wanted to deny Parliament's right to impose any direct taxes on the Colonies.
How did the Stamp Act work? A stamp tax raised money by requiring the use of government "stamped paper" on certain goods as part of the cost for certain services.
What did the protest and proposals over Thomas Grenville's tax reforms suggest? These suggested that the reforms had raised issues about the rights of citizens and of the relationship between Parliament and the Colonial government.
What were four (4) weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? 1.) Congress could not levy taxes; 2.) State governments were more powerful than the national government; 3.) Nine states had to be present to pass a law; 4.) All 13 states had to agree to levy taxes.
What was "one of the most significant accomplishments of the Articles of Confederation"? The creation of the Northwest Territory out of lands claimed by Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, & Massachusetts.
List the names of the four (4) places where freed slaves went after the Revolutionary War 1.) Nova Scotia; 2.) Canada; 3.) Britain; 4.) West Africa.
What did plantation owners in places like Virginia and Maryland do after the Revolutionary War where slavery was concerned? These states - instead of abolishing slavery - encouraged slaves to have children and tried to earn profits through the slave trade.
What were the proposals contained in the Virginia Plan? 1.) Congress would have two houses; 2.) Members would be elected based on proportional representation reflecting the population of the various states.
What were the proposals contained in the New Jersey Plan? 1.) Both houses of Congress would have equal representation; 2.) Congressional delegates would be elected by state legislatures.
List the proposals put forth in the Connecticut Plan (also called the Great Compromise). 1.) There would be a House of Representatives with proportional representation w/delegates chosen by state districts; 2.) A Senate would exist with 2 senators from each state regardless of population elected by state legislatures.
What does the term "proportional representation" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a way of selecting representatives in Congress based on the total population of a state.
What was the "3/5's Clause"? A compromise made during the Constitutional Convention whereby slaves would count as "3/5's of a person" for the purposes of taxation & representation.
Who is known as the "Father of the Constitution"? James Madison is known as this.
Which political party supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution? The Federalists supported this.
Which political party opposed the passage of the U.S. Constitution? The Anti-Federalists opposed this.
List two (2) arguments that Thomas Paine made in his pamphlet "Common Sense". 1.) He challenged the idea of a hereditary ruler; 2.) He questioned the value of the monarchy as an institution; 3.) He criticized the character of men who would be kings.
Who wrote the "Declaration of Independence"? Thomas Jefferson did this.
What are the three (3) parts of the "Declaration of Independence"? 1.) A statement listing the "natural rights" that are people were given by God; 2.) A list of grievances against King George III; 3.) A statement regarding the Colony's intention to separate themselves from Great Britain.
What four (4) Acts made up the Coercive Acts? 1.) The Port Act; 2.) The Massachusetts Government Act; 3.) The Justice Act; 4.) The Quartering Act.
What was the Stamp Act of 1765? This Act required Colonists to purchase special stamped paper to use when making legal documents, diplomas, playing cards, and other paper - based products.
What was unique about the Stamp Act of 1765? This was the first time that Parliament had placed a direct tax on Colonists.
Who were the "Sons of Liberty"? This was a group of citizens who organized protests and staged demonstrations to voice opposition to British taxation policies.
Why were most Colonists opposed to the Stamp Act of 1765? They were opposed to this because British Parliament did not have a delegate from the Colonies in it.
What was the Declaratory Act of 1766? This Act - passed after the Stamp Act of 1765 was repealed - stated that the Colonies were "subordinate unto and dependent upon the Imperial Crown and Parliament of Great Britain".
What was unique about the Townshend Acts (passed in 1767)? This Act placed taxes on products made in the British empire.
List three (3) items that were taxed by the Townshend Acts. 1.) Lead; 2.) Glass; 3.) Paint.
What was one (1) event that sparked the Boston Massacre? A group of protesters had gathered outside of the British customs house in Boston and were throwing snowballs with rocks and brick pieces in them at British sentries.
List the two (2) reasons why "Covenant Chain" tribes attacked British forts & Colonial settlements after the French & Indian War. 1.) Settler's invasion of their homeland; 2.) British traders increased prices on tools and clothing.
What was one (1) reason that George Grenville passed the "Proclamation of 1763"? He did this to prevent Colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
What was one (1) of the ways that George Grenville discovered that Colonists were smuggling goods like Caribbean sugar? The British gov. only collected £2,000 in revenue from Colonial trade, but the cost of collecting that much was £7,000.
List three (3) of the things that the "Second Continental Congress" adopted. 1.) Authorized printing of American paper money; 2.) Appointed a committee to oversee foreign relations; 3.) Created a Continental Army with George Washington as its commander.
How did George Grenville's Stamp Act of 1765 manage to unite all Colonists, regardless of social class? Because it affected all Colonists from all social backgrounds.
Created by: sticklerpjpII