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American History II part 1

Social Darwinism Set of beliefs explaining human history as an ongoing evolutionary struggle between different groups of people for survival and supremacy that was used to justify inequalities between races, classes, and nations
John D. Rockefeller Founder of Standard Oil Company, whose aggressive practices drove many competitors out of business and made him one of the richest men in America.
J.P. Morgan Most celebrated and powerful banker of the late 19th century
William Jennings Bryan Democratic congressman from Nebraska who won the party’s presidential nomination in 1896 after his “Cross of Gold” speech.
Robber Barons Industrial leaders who began to restrain their displays of wealth and make philanthropic contributions
Andrew Carnegie A Scottish immigrant who became the most efficient entrepreneur in the U.S. steel industry and earned a great fortune.
Muckrakers Investigative journalists who propelled progressivism by exposing corruption, economic monopoly, and moral decay in American society.
Hull House First American settlement house, established in Chicago in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr
Jane Addams The founder of the settlement house movement, Addams was the most famous woman reformer of the progressive era
Initiative Reform that gave voters the right to propose and pass a law independently of their state legislature
recall Reform that gave voters the right to remove from office a public servant who had betrayed the voters’ trust
Disfranchisement Process of barring groups of adult citizens from voting
Theodore Roosevelt Took office after Mckinley was assassinated. Regulated Trusts and Expanded the power of Government through regulation.
Woodrow Wilson Wins Presidency on a split Republican ticket. To the shock of conservative Democrats he puts progressive policies in place.
Federal Reserve Act Act that brought private banks and public authority together to regulate and strengthen the nation’s financial system
Bull Moosers Followers of Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 election.
Yellow journalism Newspaper stories embellished with sensational or titillating details when the true reports did not seem dramatic enough
Boxers Chinese nationalist organization that instigated an uprising in 1900 to rid China of foreigners and foreign influence
Platt Amendment Clause that the United States forced Cuba to insert into its constitution, giving it broad control over Cuba’s foreign and domestic policies
Emilio Aguinaldo Anticolonial leader who fought for independence of the Philippines, first from Spain and the United States
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