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History 11 Ch 4

Union Strengths More railroads, more population, stronger navy, more industry
Confederate Strengths More educated Generals, hunting and riding skills, knew the land, defensive position, cotton trade
McClellan Slow and cautious at the beginning, upset Lincoln who replaced him as General
Emancipation Proclamation Freed the slaves in southern states still in rebellion in 1863. Did not free all the slaves. Lincoln did not want to lose support of border states
Vicksburg Controlled the use of the Mississippi, Confederates lost Vicksburg to Union after a month long siege. Cut the Confederacy in two
Election of 1864 Lincoln felt he would lose, victories in Atlanta by Sherman make many see the end is near. Lincoln wins and his plan for the end of the war gets the peoples approval
Control of the Mississippi Grant takes forts Henry and Donelson and later Vicksburg to control the Mississippi and the West
States Rights Caused southern states to disagree and caused problems as far as the South agreeing on issues
Battle of Fredericksburg Union attempts a direct assault of the Confederate army. Confederates held the high ground and defeated the Union
Battle of Gettysburg Turning point in the Civil War. Union held high ground and South attacked. Picketts charge ends the 3 day battle with the Confederate defeat
13th Amendment Abolished slavery or freed the slaves, supported by the President
Gettysburg Address Lincoln restated the goals for the North in the Civil War, discussed a new birth of freedom for all the people
Battle of Bull Run Showed both sides needed training and that the war was going to be long and deadly
General Lee Commander of the Confederate forces, wanted a victory on Union soil, surrendered at Appomattox
Chancellorsville Confederates split the Union troops and won a solid victory, they lost Stonewall Jackson however to friendly fire
Battle of the Wilderness Grant takes command and loses many casualties. Grant could afford to lose more then Lee because they had a larger pop.
General Sherman Used total warfare destroys everything in the South. Treated South Carolina the harshest
War of Attrition Fighting that wears down the enemy by inflicting constant death and destruction
Draft Used by the North and the South to force men between the ages of 18-50 to serve in the military
Contraband Seized property in war. North considered the slaves contraband that they could do anything with so they set them free
Copperheads Anti-War democrats who pushed hard to end the war
Guerillas Used hit and run tactics in battle
Greenbacks Paper money printed by both the North and the South during the war. Lost its value and caused inflation
Created by: PRO Teacher bmerkt