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what are the 6 periods of Rome in order royal Rome, republican Rome, revolutionary Rome, imperial principal Rome, imperial dominate Rome, and byzantine rome
Royal Rome a small village. asked a relative of a king from a large town to rule and once Rome increased the broke off the king and formed their own government 753-509 bce
Republican Rome operated as a republic with consuls, senates, an assembly and a blend of different governments.
consuls kings that only ruled for a year
plebeians the common people that eventually gained more and more power on the assembly
expansion you become an ally, then are tested for where your loyalties are,then you gain more power. if you follow the rules you are treated well if not it is bad news
Revolutionary Rome chaos begins as he gap between the rich and poor grows
Three Punic Wars Rome defeated carthage and captured all of the territory
plight of the Roman farmer soldiers= farmers,went to wars causing them to loose money bc they couldn't tend crops. families get loans from rich, u owed money or the farm belongs to rich fams.soldiers gone longer putting farmers in dept,they lose their farm & have to sell their vote
domestic slave had a place to live and got food, worked in the household, better conditions than agriculture
agriculture slaves worked on the farm, better conditions than industrial
industrial slaves mainly worked in mines and were trapped down there w/o food or water, worst kind of slavery
gladiators slaves that were entertainers. would fight one another to the death for others amusement
voting oldest male voted for all the males in his family, and his say goes
who was ruled at at the end of the rupublic crassus, magnus, and caeser untill crassus died and then the others fought for sole leadership and ceaser won and took on the name augustus
jesus´ appeal in juda which was conqured by rome and jews were mostly oppressed
jesus' message redefined jewish laws and shifted it and the notion of sin
definition of a winner Jesus redefines what it means to be a winner by saying the full now will be hungry and vise versa wile Augustus defines winners as people who are rich with lots of food
Jesus' teaching a higher level of strictness as he puts sin with feeling instead of just action
Paul's contribution most important figure in the early christian church, argue that Jesus´ death he descended into hell and resurrection was an act of love so that our sins are saved, he opened up the religion to everyone not just Jews
Pax Romana the roman peace, 270 years where there was internal peace
cricis of the third century came after the pax romana as political, military, economic, social/religious problems emerged
political problems succession crisis: civil wars, dont know how to pick a leader political involvement declines as people didnt connect and didnt want to be involved (dissolution and disengagement
splinter states part of Rome claimed that they were going to break away
Military problems civil wars, people left so then territory was left unguarded and others invaded
Economic problems people left the city due to violence causing less production and less commercial activity which cased trade to go down because less money was produced and less people lived in the town
social/religious problems disengagement - people moved due to the economy &the Romans became unconnected, people became more localized in their thinking and outlook, became parochial, disillusionment- as the system failed people switched to Christianity instead of roman state
Diocletian's reign tried to fix problems in Rome by doubling the army - did so by lowering/freezing wages, dividing the empire in 2, he didnt trust Christians and made it illegal and Christians were persecuted
Constantine´s reign converted to Christianity as it became legal and they no longer have to hide their worship and falith
Theodosius reign made Christianity mandatory and all other faiths illegal and all who didnt follow were persecuted
Christianity acted as glue holding the empire together
why the east outlived the west 1west had shrinking cites, east had strong,large cities w strong econimies2west mostly christian, east entirely christian 3 west mostly spoke latin, the easts poke enirely greek 4 west borders west long &hard to defend,east were short&easier to protect.
Created by: emassmann
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