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6th SS Ch 2 Vocab

6th Grade Social Studies Test - Chapter 2 vocab

Ancestor An early family member
Theory An idea based on study and research
Migration Movement of people, probably took place very slowly
Artifacts Objects made by people
Civilization A group of people with ways of life, religion, and learning
Tradition A way of life or an idea that has been handed down from the past
Class A group of people in a society who have something in common
Division of Labor Jobs were divided between people and made it possible to produce more goods (ex: Men hunted, women cooked)
Palisades Walls of tall wooden poles, around their villages
Longhouses Long wooden buildings that could hold up to 50 people, used by the Iroquois
Wampum Beads cut from seashells to make designs that showed important decisions, events or stories.
Confederation A loose group of governments working together
Wigwams A round, bark covered shelters used by the Algonquian
Lodge Large round earthen houses lived in by the Central Plains people
Sod A layer of soil held together by the roots of grasses
Scarce In sort supply (example: wood)
Tepee A cone shaped tent
Travois A carrier made of two poles tied together at one end than then fastened to a harness of a dog
Council A group of leaders who met to make decisions
Ceremony A celebration to honor a cultural or religious event (Harvests, marriages, births, end of buffalo hunts)
Adapt To adjust way of living to land and resources
Staples Something that is always needed and used. Example: main foods of corn, beans and squash
Surplus Extra amounts of good
Adobe Sun dried bricks made of clay and straw
Hogans Cone-shaped shelters built by covering a wooden frame with mud or adobe
Trade networks A system that allows people to get goods from faraway places
Clan An extended group of family members, who often lived in the same longhouse
Economy The way the people of a state, region, or country use their resources to meet their needs
Barter The exchange of goods, on behalf of two groups who spoke very different languages
Potlatch A Native American celebration meant to show wealth and divide property among the people (means: To Give)
Kayaks A one-person canoe made of waterproof skins stretched over wood or bone
Igloos A house made of snow or ice
Oral Tradition Stories told by word of mouth
Eastern Woodlands A cultural region east of the Mississippi River
5 Nations (Iroquois) Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca
The Plains most important Resource Buffalo (also known as American Bison)
Pemmican Dried meat that could be stored
Nomadic Move from place to place
Polytheistic Believed in more than one God.
Hopi Chief Religious Leader who made the rule and handed out punishments
Dried Buffalo Droppings Chips
Pueblo Shelter make from stone mud or adobe
Created by: RoperFive
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