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Byzantines,Russia and Turk interact test

What did Justinian rebuild? The city of constantinople
What was his greatest achievement? He built the Hagia Sophia
What caused the fall of the empire that also started before Justinian died. The plague.
What happened to the church and why? the churches split since both sides had different ideas.
What did the eastern empire ban? They banned the use of holy images.
Who other than Justinian had imense power? Justinians wife.
What did justinians wife convince him to do? She urged him to stay during one of the rebellions.
What was the origin of Russia's first unified territory? The west of the Ural Mountains.
What did Princess Olga pubilcly do? She converted to christianity.
Who invaded Russia and when? The mongols in the 1200s
What were the mongols described as? Ruthless and brutal
Did they tolerate religion? yes they did
What did the Mongols say? They said that they expected absolute obedience and large tribute.
What was a crusciall mistake that Yaroslav made? He split the realm between his sons.
What happeened after yaroslav died? His sons fought over the land?
Who was Ivan I? Ivan I was appointed tax collector and became the most powerful Russian Prince as well as wealthiest.
What Ivan I called? The mongols gave him the tittle "Grand Prince" but was also called "Ivan Moneybag".
What did Ivan III do? He openly refused to pay further tribute.
Created by: 21pjuarez
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