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Ren/Ref Terms

A government run by religious officials Theocracy
Wars that let to increased trade between Europe and Asia Crusades
Getting into heaven Salvation
The theory that the Earth is the center of the universe Geocentric
The revolution in Christianity that led to the development of Protestant religious Reformation
A sudden "change" in society or culture Revolution
Political system during the Middle Ages Feudalism
The belief that God knows whether you are going to heaven or hell before you are born Predestination
Time period between 500-1300 when Church gains power Middle Ages
List of complaints against the Roman Catholic Church 95 Theses
A person who receives a piece of land Vassal
Someone who financially support artists Patron
Religious organization which was selling indulgences to build a church in Rome Roman Catholic Church
People and their actions/activities are important Humanism
Time period 500 B.C. - 500 A.D. when Greco-Roman culture flourished Classical Ages
He invented the printing press Gutenberg
To be kicked out of the Catholic Church Excommunicated
Depth/3-D Perspective
Deadly disease that wiped out 1/3 of Europe's population The Black Death
Rebirth of art and learning that began in Italy Renaissance
Islamic church Mosque
Concerned with the here and now/present time Secular
A person who gave out land during the Middle Ages Lord
A person's native language Vernacular
Any religious official Clergy
Willing to experiment and question authority Skepticism
Martin Luther was excommunicated at this meeting The Diet of Worms
Buying forgiveness for your sins or a deceased relatives sin Indulgence
What you leave behind for future generations Legacy
Theory that the sun is the center of the universe Heliocentric
Buying an official position in the Catholic Church Simony
A Christian religion that is not Roman Catholic Protestant Religion
Waterway that controlled trade between the Black Sea and Med. Sea Bosporus Strait
He wrote the 95 Theses Martin Luther
Columns, arches and domes Classicism
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