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Mayflower compact- GW

Who is the European Enlightenment philosopher who said everyone had natural rights? John Locke
What are your natural rights? Life, liberty and pursuit of property
What is Democracy? When people have choice
What are examples of Democracy? Open elections, people deciding and voting on issues
Who wrote Common Sense? Thomas Paine
What was the purpose of the book Common sense? To give reasons why the colonists should become Independent from Great Britian
Who came on the mayflower? The pilgrims
Why did the pilgrims come to America? For religious freedom
What is the Mayflower Compact? First steps towards Democracy
What is Salutary Neglect? To leave the colonists alone
Why was Salutary Neglect good For England? The colonists were trading goods and making them wealthy
What is Mercantilism? When a country takes over another country for trade
What was the first war in America called? The French & Indian war
Who fought in the French & Indian war? France, Great Britain & the Native Americans
What was the Proclamation Line? The western boundary that the colonists could not cross
Where was the Proclamation Line? At the Appalachian Mountains
How many colonies did the British own? 13 Colonies
Which colonies were known for hot climate and fertile soil? Southern colonies
Which colonies were known for cold climate and fishing? New England colonies
Why was the Proclamation line created? So the colonists would not have conflict with the Native Americans
What does no taxation without representation mean? You can't tax me without my consent
Thomas Jefferson was One of the writers of the Declaration of Independence
What was the Declaration of Independence? A letter written to the King of England
Why was the Declaration of Independence written? It was a list of grievances from the colonists to the king
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To let the King of England know that the colonists were going to become Independent
Sugar act, Tea act, Stamp act, Boston tea party Were all reasons for the American Revolutionary war
Who was the first President of America George Washington
How did Washington try to pay of the war debt? Tax on whiskey
What was George Washington's farewell address? He advise the nation to stay neutral & Isolated
Created by: ygarcia13