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American History

Ch.5,6 &7 Vocabulary

Revenue Tariff A tax on imports to raise money.
Protective Tariff A tax on imports to protect American Factories.
Free Enterprise System Private businesses can operate for profit without strict government control.
Interchangeable Parts Uniform pieces made in large quantities.
Labor Union Organization formed to protect rights of workers.
Strike Refusing to work until demands are met by employer.
Cotton Gin A machine that removed seeds from cotton fiber.
Suffrage The right to vote.
Yeoman Farmers "Ordinary Farmers"- owns and cultivates a small farm.
Task System Method to organize enslaved workers to complete specific jobs every day.
Spoils System Giving people government jobs based on their party loyalty.
Missouri Compromise Missouri is slave state. Maine is free state. No new slave states north of Missouri's state border.
Favorite Sons Politicians that enjoy the support from leaders in their own state and region.
Corrupt Bargain Unlawful agreement between politicians.
Mudslinging Attempt to ruin an opponent's reputation or image with insults.
Alamo War between Texans & Mexico that resulted in all Texans fighting to be killed. "Fought until the last man standing."
Nationalism Loyalty & devotion to a nation, "National Pride"
Nat Turner Enslaved Preacher who led rebellion that killed 50 Virginians.
Nativism Hostility toward immigrants.
Utopia Community based on a vision of a perfect society.
Romanticism Literary, artistic movement that emphasized the imagination, emotions and individual above society.
Transcendentalism Belief system in which followers thought they could rise above material things.
Benevolent Societies Association focusing on spreading the word of God and combating social problems.
Temperance Moderation in consuming alcohol.
Mormon Migration Group in search for religious freedom. Moved to the Great Salt Lake (Utah)
Gradualism Theory that slavery should be ended gradually (slowly)
Emancipation Act or process of freeing enslaved persons.
Abolition Immediate ending of slavery.
Squatter Someone who settles on public land that they do not own.
Overlander People who travel to the west.
Secularize Transfer the use or possession from church to civil authority.
Whigs Political party who opposed Andrew Jackson.
Dorthea Dix Woman who led change in the prison & treatment of mentally ill.
Frederick Douglas Escaped slavery, published anti-slavery newspaper.
Henry Clay Hated by Jackson, accused of striking a "corrupt bargain" with John Quincy Adams.
Andrew Jackson Represented the common man, strong presidential figure.
Manifest Destiny Idea that God wants Americans to settle western lands.
Sectionalism Someone's loyalty to their own region or section of the country.
Great Awakening Reviving American's commitment to religion. Held camps and meetings.
Bank Battle President Jackson vs. National Bank. Jackson ended up destroying this by stopping deposits & denying renewal of charter.
Indian Removal Made all Native Americans move to Oklahoma.
Plantation Owners Owned 20 or more slaves.
Slavery Resistance Slowing of work by breaking tools, setting houses or barns on fire.
Industrial Revolution Invention of machines, factories and interchangeable parts.
New Transportation Roads, Steamboats, Canals & Railroads.
Economic Nationalism Creation of 2nd National Bank, Tariffs on imports and new canals & roads that brought the nation together.
Women's Movement Group that fought for the right to vote, hold property in their name and said their rights were similar to slaves.
Immigration Majority of this group came from Ireland & Germany.
Created by: eagles88
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