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Ch 10 Sociology


How do sociologist define social class sociologist do not have a clear cut definition od social class
How many classes are there to Karl Marx 2 classes
Whose definition of social class do most sociologists align themself with with weber and that social class is based on prestige, power, property.
What did William Domohoft Say no major decision is made withouth their approval
C Wrights Mills definition of Social Class the ability to exercise ones will despite resistance power elite
Power Elite composed of the military, corporate, and government officials.
Property wealth( what we own) and income (what we earn) and can be inconsistent
income inequality 10 % of the U.S. population owns 70% of the wealth, the wealthiest 1% of the Americans own 1/3 of all assets, the top 20% of the U.S acquire 47% of the income, the bottom 20% acquire the 4.2% of the income , ceo's median wage is 11 million
Prestige regard or respect given to an occupation or a feat
status inconsistency describe the situation of people who have high and low rankings
Race Inherited physical characteristics and is a social construct
Ethnicity is a...? shared cultural characteristic
Ethnic Work is....? actively attempting to create or maintain an ethnic identity
Minority does not refer to numerics but to power
Dominant group...? does not attribute their power to their suppression of the minority but attribute it to their superiority
Sex Biological process/reproductive organ, male or female
Gender Binary(Western) The Western assumption that gender can be explained and categorized by placing a gender in a binary
is gender biological No!
The intersects population the population born with non-typical chromosomes, xxy yyx
Transgender Whose gender identity does not align with their biology
Cisgender gender matched biology
Patriarchy The systematic privilege men have over women
Feminism 1st Wave: Suffrage Movement; Right to vote 2nd Wave: 1950-1960; Right to go back to work 3rd Wave:1990's - Now; Global women's rights and LGBTQ
Michael Kimmel gender, masculinity invisible of privilege
Types of Discrimination 1. Individual discrimination 2.Institutional Discrimination: when discriminatory practices become a part of an institution
Market/Economy The mechanism by which values are established to exchange goods and services
What was food history like agricultural>horticultural>industrial( subsistence>economics>surplus)
What came out of surplus inequality
Post Industrial Society global village, information explosion,
What does Daniel Bell Say 1) Large service sector in which most people work 2)A large surplus of goods 3)Extensive trade among nations 4)Wide variety of goods and services that are available to the average person 5)information explosion 6)instantaneous world wide communic
Capitalism 1)private ownership of the means of production 2) market competition (self regulates) 3)profit motive
Socialism 1)public ownership of the means of production 2) central planning 3)distribution of goods without profit motive
Convergence Theory Capitalism and socialism are converging
Functionalist view of Global Capitalism work binds people together; organic solidarity- independence w/ different tastes
`Conflict Theorists of Global Capitalism global interdependence benefits the wealthy at the expense of the workers; often attempt to influence legislation in their favor
Oligopolies Several large companies that dominate a single industry>Set the prices> the quality> Markets
Megamergers Merging different corporations, reduces competition, and consolidation of power
Interlocking Directionates occur when individuals serve on the board of directors of several companies>minimizes competitions and consolidates power
Politics refers to power relations wherever they exist
Micropolitics exercise of power in everyday life
Macropolitics large scale exercise of power eg. government
Education a formal system of teaching knowledge, values, and skills
Cultural Capital privileges accompanying a social location that help someone later on in life
Manifest Functions the intended beneficial consequences of people's reactions
Latent Functions unintended beneficial consequences
Credential Society the use of diplomas and degrees to determine who is eligible for jobs even if they don't apply to the actual work
Inclusion helping people become apart of mainstream society
Social Placement funneling people into societies various positions
Gatekeeping a process where education opens and closes doors of opportunity
Tracking the sorting of students into different education programs on the basis of real or perceived abilities
Hidden Curriculum unwritten goals of education; obedience and conformity
Correspondence Principle the sociologists principle that schools correspond/ reflect the social structure of their society
grade inflation higher grades for the same amount of work
Social Promotion passing students to the next level without mastering the required skills
Functional Literacy high school graduates who have difficulty with basic math
Created by: mada22
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