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Social Studies Oct18

What year did Elizabeth Jennings have her court case? 1854
What year did the Montgomery Bus Boycott end? 1956
What year did Plessy get arrested? 1896
What year did Rosa Parks get arrested? 1955
What did Martin Luther King Jr do? He became the civil rights movement leader.
Who got kicked off the bus before Rosa Parks? Claudette Colvin and Elizabeth Jennings
Why did Homer Plessey want to get arrested on purpose? He wanted to go to the Supreme Court and say that blacks have rights too
What does CRM stand for? Civil Rights Movement
What was Plessey vs Ferguson about? To fight for black civil rights. Ferguson wanted to keep things the same.
What was the name of the case about school segregation? Brown vs. Board of Education
Who was Justice Harlan? A Supreme Court justice (judge). He dissented (disagreed) with the Plessey vs Ferguson decision
What happened after Ferguson won and Plessey lost? Schools remained "separate but equal"
Which supreme court case did Jack Greenberg fight for? Brown vs Board of Education
Who organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott ED Nixon
What was the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Blacks boycotting the buses in Montgomery after Rosa Parks was arrested.
Created by: massy125