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Unit 1: History

Something that happened in the past Historical event
A representation of an event from the past Historical account
Events or accounts of events from the past History
Someone who studies history Historian
An explanation of the meaning of something Interpretation
To confirm or give support to a statement or theory Corroborate
Facts or information that can be used to test whether a theory is true Evidence
first-hand account of an event that was created at about the same time as the event happened Primary source
account of an event created later by people who did not experience the event Secondary source
What someone thinks about a subject Opinion
something that is true about a subject and can be tested Fact
the quality of being worthy of attention Significance
structures created by people to help meet the needs of societies, such as food, clothing, shelter and safety, in order for the societies to continue to exist Social Institutions
Important historical events that have long lasting effects on human life. Turning points
Event or Account: diary Account
Event or Account: Birthday party Event
Event or Account: Building of the pyramids Event
Event or Account: Ancient scrolls Account
Event or Account: Weapon from the Revolutionary War Account
Primary or secondary: weapon from the Revolutionary War Primary
Primary or secondary: scroll with a list of goods traded written in hieroglyphics Primary
Primary or secondary: autobiography Primary
Primary or secondary: biography Secondary
Primary or secondary: Newspaper article about 9/11 written 20 years later Secondary
Fact or opinion: Italian is an easier language to learn than Spanish Opinion
Fact or opinion: Children should not be allowed to watch more than five hours of television per week. Opinion
Fact or opinion:Bicycling is a truly enjoyable form of exercise. Opinion
Fact or opinion: In World War II, the Axis powers consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Fact
Fact or opinion:The average temperature in Wyoming in January is 35°F. Fact
the system or way people in a society provide and keep order Government
the system or way people in a society produce and distribute goods and services Economy
the system or way people in a society share knowledge and learning. Education
the system or way people in a society care for and raise children Family
a shared set of beliefs and practices through which people in a society understand and relate to their world, including its supernatural aspects Religion
the system or way people in a society create and use a shared system of communication and self-expre Language/Art
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